Ratio Analysis of ABL (Allied Bank), UBL (United bank) and MCB 2019,2020,2021

Ratio Analysis of    ABL (Allied Bank), UBL (United bank) and MCB (For the year 2019, 2020, 2021

Executive Summary

The purpose of the ratio analysis of the report is to analyze the financial statements of the mentioned banks to calculate their financial capacity within the banking sector or with respect to the others. In order to analyze the liquidity, profitability, capital position and efficiency in the use of the available resource ratios, different elements of the same declarations or different declarations are addressed. Thus the current analysis was established to know the real facts regarding financial health performance associated with MCB, ABL and UBL for the year 2019 to 2021. The reason for conducting this study was to see the actual financial position of the selected banks and the present study has achieved its objective successfully.

The current study has divided this study into several sections, but the more important section of this study is Data Analysis portion. Here, the study has identified the ratios of selected banks. The study has calculated and identified the ratios of each and displayed in table. In each table, there are findings of three selected bank. The study has also presented this data with graph and interpretation. Therefore with the help annual reports, profit and loss, the study has achieved all the objectives mentioned in this report. In Data Analysis section, the study has observed that Net profit margin ratio of MCB has been found greater than other bank. The study has further found that operating to cash flow ratio of MCB is higher then ABL and UBL. Gross spread ratio of ABL has been found on top as compare to other banks. The study has also suggested some measures at the end of this report for improvement.

Table of Contents

1     Section I 10

Chapter No 1: Introduction. 11

1.1      Introduction of the Project: 11

1.2      The financial period under consideration for analysis (2018, 2019, 2020) 12

1.3      Introduction to banks. 12

1.3.1       United Bank. 12

1.3.2       MCB.. 13

1.4      Background: 13

1.5      Objectives of the study. 14

1.6      Significance of the project 14

2     Chapter No. 3 METHODOLOGY.. 16

2.1      Types of Research. 16

2.2      Data Collection Sources:- 16

2.3      Data Collection Tools/Instruments: 16

2.3.1       Subjects/Participants: 17

2.4.1       Population. 17

2.4.2       Sample size. 17

2.4.3       Unite of Analysis. 17

2.4.4       Sampling frame. 18

2.4.5       Sampling technique. 18

2.5      Fieldwork/Data Collection: 18

2.6      Data Processing Tools:- 18

3     Chapter 3 Data / Ratio Analysis. 19

3.1      Net Profit Margin. 19

Operating Cash Flow Ratio. 20

3.2      Gross Spread Ratio. 24

3.3      Non-Interest Income to Total Income Ratio “. 25

3.4      Spread Ratio. 27

3.5      Advances / Deposits Ratio. 29

3.6      Return on Total Equity (ROE) 30

3.7      Debt Ratio. 31

3.8      Debt / Equity Ratio. 33

3.9      Price/Earnings Ratio. 34

4     Conclusion, Recommendations. 36

4.1      Conclusion. 36

4.2      Recommendations. 37


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