MKT619 Final Project Proposal on pricing Strategies of Ufone vs Warid

This post is dealing the project proposal on pricing strategies of ufone vs Warid in pre-paid connection. No doubt effective pricing strategy is vital elements of a product marketing campaign. Most of the companies are attracting people due to adopting good pricing strategies because today is the age of competitions and lot of companies are surveying in the market; it is very hard for companies to force the customers to buy products or service. It is also open crystal that more the any other elements pricing strategy directly influence the profit that firm make.  In other words, pricing strategy assists the company to meet sales objectives as well as enhances the reputation of the product or brand by maximizing the profit. Hence the project proposal on pricing strategies of Ufone vs Warid is presenting the true road map of both companies.

Marketing Proposal on pricing Strategies of Ufone vs Warid

In Pakistan lot of telecommunication companies are surveying in the market and attracting more and more customers due its attractive call packages, SMS packages. Most of the people say that Ufone is offering handsome and attractive package to their customers instead of Warid Telecom. But it has also been noted the views of lot people that Warid is offering good and cheap Call rate, SMS package then Ufone.

 Therefore the reason for conducting this research to know what are actual facts related the pricing of both mentioned companies and which companies is offering best call rates, SMS package to their customers.  To know the views of the customers, data will be take from the customers through questionnaires which will be distributed among the customers to fill up.

Proposal Pricing Strategies

Price has become one of the more essential marketing variables. Despite the increased role of nonprime factors in the modern marketing procedure, price is a serious marketing element, particularly in markets characterized by monopolistic competition or oligopoly. Competition and buyers that are more complicated has forced many retailers to lower prices and in turn place heaviness on manufacturers. More there has been increasing buyer awareness of costs and pricing, and growing competition within the channels, which in turn provides the consumer with even more awareness of the pricing process and proposal pricing strategies.

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