MKT619 Sample List of Topics overview fall 2013

Dear Students,

Hope you all have been entered in the MKT619 course with good health and ready to explore new marketing horizons with your advance research methods and techniques.

Till the time, you all have well reviewed the contents of this course along with course calendar available in “overview” section as well as in Lesson #02 of this course so this is a particular time to start thinking about your research topic. Your research topic should fall in area of Marketing research and for that, you are guided with a Sample List of Topics is available. Click at the below link to view.

MKT619 Project Topics for Fall 2013 (new)

Be aware While selecting Topic 

While selecting your topic, keep following points in your mind:

  1. Your selected MKT619 topic should be of your area of special interest as it will make your entire research process really smooth, interesting and exciting.
  2. Your selected topic should not be narrower enough that it will not cover “actual message” of your selected topic well, nor it should be broader enough that it will not convey the significance of your research properly.
  3. Your selected topic should be “realistic” enough that your stakeholders should extract true and valuable marketing research knowledge out of it.
  4. Your selected topic should be “innovative” enough that it should open new marketing prospects for its stakeholders.
  5.  Specifically, Your selected MKT619 topic should implement your maximum marketing concepts already studied in your previous courses (both marketing specialization and research course)
  6. Try to have fruitful and open discussions regarding your selected topic with your fellows and particularly with our marketing thesis experts in order to explore maximum potential and workable dimensions. For this purpose, do not hesitate to contact with us.

You all are specially instructed to start listening lectures and studying handouts of MKT611 and STA630 before starting practical working of your final project and dissertation in order to refresh your research concepts required to complete every research stage!


Mian Aamir


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