MKT619 MBA Project Report Marketing

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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction of the project
1.2 Background of the project
1.3 Company’s introduction
1.4 List of competitors
1.5 Objectives of the project
1.6 Significance of the project

 Chapter 2:

2.1 Marketing mix
2.2 Market segmentation strategies
2.3 Target marketing strategies

Chapter 3 : Methodology

4.1 Data collection sources
4.1.1 Primary sources
4.1.2 Secondary sources
4.2 Data collection tools
4.3 Sampling
4.3.1 Sample size
4.3.2 Sampling technique

Chapter 5: Data processing, analysis & interpretation

In this chapter, you have to include complete analysis of the data (along with its interpretation) collected and processed thereafter. You are also required to attach the raw data files supporting your data analysis along with the project.

Topic of MBA Project Report on Marketing

  1.  Comparison of product strategies
  2. Compersion of advertising strategies
  3. Comparison of brand loyalty 
  4.  Comparison of CRM strategies
  5. Comparison of personality branding
  6. Does personalities of celebrities match with the brands advertised
  7. Factors behind effectiveness of advertising
  8. Factors behind effectiveness of branding
  9. Dimensions of brand personality
  10. Brand as a source of competitive edge (Comparison of two brands 
  11.  Brand development process (Comparison of two brands)
  12. Role of advertisement in brand image (Comparison of two brands)


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