MGT619 Assignment 04  Revised Proposal for Project 2020

The above assignment has been opened for those students whose project proposal approval is still pending.

Please guide me, normally as per project requirements students need to go for research and data collection to different companies or different people personally but in present COVID 19 situation, this would not be possible as in most organizations staff is working from home and there would be no any person to provide information. so how should I research for a topic related to my project? please guide! for example, if the topic would be.

Dear student, In the present situation, you may collect data through personal referrals by sending your questionnaire to the respondents through email.

Note: This assignment is for below-mentioned students ONLY:

1. Whose Proposal submitted in Assignment # 02 has been REJECTED

2. Whose Proposal submitted in Assignment # 02 NEEDS IMPROVEMENT

3. Who has NOT SUBMITTED Proposal against Assignment # 02