The purpose of the research was to see the impact of social media marketing and customers’ purchase intention towards Amazon products. The study has completed with the help of primary data and secondary. Secondary data was obtained through interest by exploring different journals and research papers. The research had used primary data for analysis and the same will be collected from the customers through questionnaires.

MKT619 Final Project Marketing

The research has done different analyses to provide the effect of social media marketing on customers’ purchase intentions. The study has checked the reliability of the question and Alpha was above .07. On the other, side some other normality of data was also performed and the data was reliable. According to mean findings, all the participants have shown agreed responses towards all the statements related to social media. According to their views, their company is efficient to provide maximum information to their customers through posts, videos, blogs, and using Facebook pages, etc. They have also shared their views that the contents which are being advertised online, are more relevant to them.

Analysis showed that a number of respondents have shown agreed with the response towards customers purchase intension. Respondents shared their views that they always buy products from their selected brand. Respondents shared their views that their brand always fulfill their requirement and they will keep buying similar products in the future. The research has also found that it is a positive and strong relationship between social media marketing and customers’ purchase intention.

Today the world has changed and most of people now prefer to buy goods and services by using the internet. With the progression of time, the computerized advancements have changed the individual’s expectation for everyday comforts and it has reduced the customer’s time and resources to buy online same products service without moving from their place. Due to the increase in competition in the market, most organizations now prefer to attract customers online through different channels such as social media form, Facebook, Email, Twitter, etc.  Social media is now growing and becoming most popular and a part of the daily activities of the consumers, and business activities have now changed marketing activities into social media marketing. This comparatively new and modern form of communication demonstrates new experiments and opportunities for brands. It is clear to all that this period is the era of electronic media; most of the organizations are using modern technology for advertisement methods for introducing products and services worldwide. It is a defeated cost that indicates and shakes the revenue of organizations directly and meanderingly.  On the other hand, it has also been observed that traditional marketing strategy has changed and has adopted into a new shape of a way of communication with the consumers. On the other side, the quality of the website and its usability is now very significant aspects that are heartrending the exploitation of social media networking. Organizations are now struggling rigidly to adopt the greatest use of modern technology. It may include new customers from altered spaces, countries for profit, brand image and promotion as well as new advertisement campaigns.  Social media is considered a web-based site that permits individuals, groups to connect. It helps to create profiles on the internet for family, friends through one technique.

It helps to recognize the content pool by the altered people and acquaintances. Social media indicates websites that connect millions of clients from all over the world with the same benefits, views, hobbies. These tools may include Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Youtube, Myspace, etc. The client’s goal can be characterized as an individual improvement and plan to upgrade endeavor and play out a demeanor. Purchaser’s aims are bearing in regards to the significant choice of devotion with the brand or leave it. Many studies indicated that the quality of products and services may affect the consumers purchasing intention.

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