Consumer Perception with Respect to Product Purchasing Decision HP and Dell

Comparative study of Consumer Perception with Respect to Product Purchasing Decision HP and Dell

The main purpose of this research is to determine the consumer’s perception with respect to product purchasing decision of HP and DELL. Consumer usage and buying of any product largely depend upon their perception about the product. Perception develops through how effectively product has been marketed. These days firms are putting their best efforts in marketing in order to get customer attention and positive impression onare various ways of preparing them. Although mostly Italian food are liked by many people but I found many families who are still not even think of using the product.

Consumer behavior book is the mixture of psychological, social, economical, and social anthropological situations and environment.Perception is how human recognize and interpret stimuli (SITTER, 2008). Consumers’ perception and factors influencing consumer behavior of quality is measured a essential determinant of product choice (Zenithal, 1988).In other words perception is the first impression that individual draw and on the basis of it select, and interpret information to form a meaningful picture of the world (MUNNUKKA, 2008). That’s why it is believed that consumer perception influence customer level of satisfaction and so their buying and usage decisions.

Kumar et al. (1987) examined those factors which effect buying decisions making of large number of respondents for different food products. Country, origin, and brand of the product impact effectively and largely. Brand of the product is the most important factor since consumers more attracted toward brand. Income, age and awareness are dependant factors.Sabesson (1992), stated that brand of processed food is chosen by its quality, taste of the product and price of product. These are the major factor which affects the criteria for food brand selection.

Importance of consumer behavior

Consumer preferences of product attribute is different according to product nature as well as its Social and economic nature of consumer (Uusitalo, 2001).Product attributes are often eye-catching in nature (Vishwanathan and Childers, 1999). The attributes model proposed by GwinandGwin (2003) posits that consumer preference of product is based on maximizing utility from the product features subject to financial shortage. Choice theory defines that consumer preference based on product features.

The topic consumer perception and frequency of usage basically come from consumer behavior. The purpose of the present study is to provide an over view of existing research work about consumer behavior and perception about pasta products. Consumer behavior is the study of why, when, and how. Consumer behavior is that rational behavior that consumer shows toward products while buying.Consumer behavior is the mixture of psychological, social, economical, and social anthropological situations and environment. Perception is basically an organism which describes an individual’s perceived image which he expect from any product or service. Observation can be changed or influenced by numerous factors.

Factors influencing consumer behavior

Brown et al. (2000) reported that the need for educating young generation specially those who are in their adolescence are noticeably increasing, given their regular food eating habits andInitially, the perception qualities of product of privately owned brands were taken as consumer’s perception on the quality of product provided by vendors or company. Scholars have noted that country-of-origin perceptions and expectations lead to cognitions. It also puts significance on particular products and marketing attributes. These were considered as the factors that could bring affect to the people in the country of where the product or services were market (Gary A. Knight, 1999).

Price is regularly taken as a leading factoring guiding choice when it comes to making a buy decision. Price normally has constantly been a determinant factor on consumers’ brand choice when choosing a product or service.It is understood that when a consumer is facing a buying decision for product purchase then he/she isso much concern about the prices of the product and observe prices keenly.This helps them to maximize their direct utility that they gain from the purchase. However, when consumer faces brand with fluctuating prices and perceived quality levels, they would have to make decision about the preference they make on the basis of attributes of the product (Nor KhasimahAlimana and MdNor Othman, 2007).

If these variables are present then consumer normally perceive positive image of product and usage of that product increases. In early 1965, consumer’s response towards pesticide used products (pesticides used in farms were identified (Bearler and Willits, 1968; Sachs et al., 1987). Various Methods they used to explore, included E-mail and telephone surveys. According to the research, there are several causes come up that why consumer prefers to buy organic food products, on the other hand some disadvantages also short list.

Significance of the Study:

This study holds importance for marketing students and marketers alike, consumer purchase decision and behavior that leads to such a decision is important for marketers. This study will give a consumer insight about different factors they keep in mind while making a purchase of an electronic device such as a laptop or tablet computers. For the stakeholders and employees of Dell and HP this study will provide vital information about consumer perception regarding the two mentioned companies, marketing managers and senior managers will be able to identify the factors that lead to purchase of their products, and how can they overcome crucial weaknesses in their products based on which the customer can reject the offered product from either of the two companies mentioned i.e. Dell or HP the study will also suggest why one company has more sales than the other and which one has a larger ratio of consumer preference while purchasing their products.

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