Dare to Ask Mian Aamir Part 9 all about VU Final Project


Dear sir, Please explain letter of transmutation and letter of authorization. Letter of Transmittal is written to release the report to the recipient. It also serves to establish some rapport between the reader and the writer Letter of Authorization is a letter to the researcher approving the project, detailing who has responsibility for the project and indicating what resources are available to support it. Dear sir, Define limitation in FGD. Results of the focus group discussions cannot usually be generalized beyond the population from where the participants in FGD came. The moderator may influence focus group discussion and may bias the information. Dear sir, [...]

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FIN619 Final Project on Cash Flow Ratios


FIN619 Final Project on Cash Flow Ratios FIN619 Final Project Cash Flow Ratios’ Analysis of Masood textile mills limited, Nishat textile mills and Azgard9 textile for the years 2009, 2010 and 2011. FIN619 Project Dedication   I would like to dedicate my FIN619 project to my parents who encourage me through my academic career and make possible for me to stand where I am today. FIN619 Project Acknowledgement First of all I am thankful to God Almighty, Who awarded me good health and capabilities to accomplish the task given to me in successful manner, Without His help I was not able to [...]

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Dare to Ask Mian Aamir Part 10 all about VU Final Project (Final)


Dear sir, Please define Appendix? Appendix is a supplementary material at the end of a book, article, document, or other text, usually consisting of an explanatory, statistical, or bibliographic material. Sir what is meant by deviants and explain involvement with deviants. In field research, deviant means those people who are involved in illegal activities. Involvement with deviants refers to how would researcher get involve and build rapport, trust with the deviants. Please focus specification of the setting and are theoretical sampling. The statement written by you refers to researcher suggesting to focus on only aspects which are of interest to the study. [...]

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Dare to Ask Mian Aamir Part 5 All about VU Final Project


Question Dear Sir Please explain in simple words Inferences with simple in VU final project example and other than in Professional language because you write very hard English. MC060200350 Thanks Replied Inference is last step of conducting content analysis research which is to draw conclusion of the whole analysis. Though it is quite difficult to give conclusion in content analysis because it only reflects the meaning inferred from content and not the true intention of those who actually created that content. In inference researcher tries to answer his research question that he measured by doing content analysis research. Hope it will [...]

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Thank You very Much my FIN619 Final Project Approved


I Mohammad Shahzad working in the capacity of Project Accountant in Public Sector Organization and apply for the enrollment in Virtual University as a MBA Finance Student and VU confirms my enrollment in 2010. I have passed my all courses, unfortunately due to time constraint couldn’t manage my Final Project. In these circumstances my final project delayed and needs full attentiveness to compile the whole work in time with my tough job timing (Both Morning & Evening). So some reliable sources came to know about Qundeel.com, finally contacted to Mian Amir Iqbal such a kind person and devoted to his commitments, [...]

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How To Avoid Fraud in VU Final Project


How To Avoid Fraud It has come to the notice of Qundeel.com’s team that several blogs are claiming to be a part of our team, they claim to offer plagiarism free service to students charging a low fee in return, it is to warn all our valued customers that they should not believe anything written on any blog or website claiming to be our team members or offering students similar writing service all these blogs/websites are fake their sole purpose is to lure students but sadly many students have been subjected to fraud and as a result have failed their VU [...]

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Dare to Ask Mian Aamir Part 8 All about VU Final Project


  How can we find the number of time error occur? Dear student, Answer  I appreciate your interest in Self-assessment activity and glad that you asked. In question number 2 you are supposed to find how many times same error occurred in given questionnaire, whether 2 times, 3 or 4. You can do so by simple counting and adding the numbers. Hope it will answer your query. Dear Sir plz tell me about common error, inconsistencies error, and short coming error, how can i analyze and differentiate them. Answer Dear student  I appreciate your concern for learning. Error is deviation from what [...]

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