The purpose of this document is to facilitate potential investors in Boutique Women Designer Wear business plan by providing them a general understanding of the business with intention of supporting potential investors in crucial investment decisions.

The need to return up with pre-feasibility reports for undocumented or minimally documented sectors attains larger forth comingness because the analysis that precedes  such reports reveal bound thumb rules; best practices developed by existing enterprises by trial and error and bound industrial norms that become a guiding source relating to numerous aspects of business set-up and it’s flourishing management.

Boutique Women Designer Wear

This pre-feasibility study provides info on key aspects of beginning a store business for ladies Designer Wear. Growing range of boutiques have become AN emblem of thriving garments business in Pakistan. most of the people especially girls like them over standard garment brands. There has been a mushroom growth in girls designer wear boutiques since the last decade as they offer skillfulness and class. This trend isn’t confined to metropolis alone however has conjointly unfold to little cities and cities. the increase is attributed to a growing bourgeoisie, exposure to media, recreation, movies, net and
also to a fleet of qualified fashion designers graduating from fashion colleges every year. Aspiring fashion graduates or potential entrepreneurs could realize this growing sector an honest prospect to maximize their potential, talent and market opportunity.

The dress shop business venture entails a complete investment of regarding Rs. 1.28
million. This includes a capital investment of Rs.0.73 million and a add of Rs. 0.55 million as capital. The project is supported through ninetieth debt and 10% equity. Infobahn gift price (NPV) of the project is around Rs. 5.63 million with an interior Rate of come back (IRR) of fifty and a payback amount of two.74 years. The project can generate direct employment chance for ten persons. Higher come back on investment and a gradual growth of business is anticipated with the enterpriser having some previous expertise within the connected field of business. This pre-feasibility encompasses essential info relating to numerous aspects of beginning a dress shop ladies Designer Wear business in Asian country.