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MGT619-Final Project (Lets Select the Topic!)


Dear Students, Hope you are getting yourself familiar with the course pre-requisites and course content! Now it’s a time to decide your research MGT619 Project topic by consulting different sources. You can consult the recommended list of the topics updated in the download section of VULMS or visit below link MGT619 Final Project Management topics spring 2017 MGT619 Final Project topics and selection MGT619 Final Project Writing Service You can take some MGT619 Project topic that interests you from the specialization course. You are free to play on the field of research playground but while selecting topic, do keep some SMART tips in mind that will [...]

MGT619-Final Project (Lets Select the Topic!)2017-11-08T17:16:30+05:00

List of Top MBA Project Management Thesis Topics Project Available


List of Top MBA Project Management Thesis Topics and thesis Available  Coming up with right titles for your AIOU COL MBA project management thesis requires devotion of time and effort as this play a crucial role in the overall quality of your research. Students often struggle with meeting deadlines because they consume their time on crafting the best topics. It can be easy to get disheartened when writing your AIOU COL MBA project management thesis especially that this demands your attention. If ever you need help in any part of writing your MBA project management thesis, you can easily acquire help [...]

List of Top MBA Project Management Thesis Topics Project Available2017-11-08T17:10:36+05:00

MGT619 Final Project Management topics for Fall 2017


This list of MGT619 project topics and dissertation topics in management are provided for the purpose and status for guidance only. It is NOT compulsory to select a topic from the given list. Students can select a topic on their own according to their interest and area of specialization. However, they MAY select any topic from the given list but are NOT allowed to submit the same work as already submitted by any other student. Make sure that the copied work shall be marked as ‘ZERO’. Organizational climate and its relationship with employees motivation Employees’ perception about organizational structure and its [...]

MGT619 Final Project Management topics for Fall 20172017-11-08T17:15:17+05:00

HRM619 Final Project Human Resource Management Successful Projects


 VU HRM619 Final Project - Recruitment & Selection Procedure, HR Trends of Pakistani IT Industries, Total Quality Management, Job Satisfaction of employees, HR Implications in Private Banking Sector, Quality Circle, Importance of Training & Training Methods, Workman's Performance Appraisal, Training & Significance of Job Analysis. HRM619 Final Project Our HRM619 MBA Human Resource Management Successful Projects During Fall 2018 Semester To Investigate The Factors Which Motivate the Employees in Retail Industry-Hyperstar In Pakistan Incentive monetary and its impact on turnout intentions of employees at National bank of Pakistan Comparative study on the factors of job Burnout in Ufone and Telenor Companies. The [...]

HRM619 Final Project Human Resource Management Successful Projects2018-09-09T10:23:45+05:00

HRM619 Final Project Assignment 02 Spring 2017


HRM619 Final Project Assignment 02 Spring 2017 Result announced to date:-   02-11-2017 The due date for Submission of HRM619 Final Project Assignment # 02 is 23-05-2016. The result of Assignment 01 (Proposal for project/dissertation) has been declared. The proposals have been evaluated and uploaded on the VULMS of the course. Evaluated proposals have been categorized under three heads: Rejected, Needs Improvement and Accepted/Approved. The students whose proposals have been accepted are allowed to start working on their final project/dissertation. What to do now? Step 1.           Start working on your final project/dissertation according to the instructions given by the instructor in your evaluated proposal and meet the deadline given for the submission [...]

HRM619 Final Project Assignment 02 Spring 20172017-11-01T21:36:11+05:00

Dare to Ask Mian Aamir Part 9 all about VU Final Project


Dear sir, Please explain letter of transmutation and letter of authorization. Letter of Transmittal is written to release the report to the recipient. It also serves to establish some rapport between the reader and the writer Letter of Authorization is a letter to the researcher approving the project, detailing who has responsibility for the project and indicating what resources are available to support it. Dear sir, Define limitation in FGD. Results of the focus group discussions cannot usually be generalized beyond the population from where the participants in FGD came. The moderator may influence focus group discussion and may bias the information. Dear sir, [...]

Dare to Ask Mian Aamir Part 9 all about VU Final Project2017-11-08T17:03:52+05:00

MGT619 comments dissertation research proposal Fall 2017


Assignment 03 -Revised Proposal for Project/Dissertation and research proposal ideas. This assignment is for below mentioned students ONLY: 1. Whose dissertation research proposals has been in Assignment # 02 has been REJECTED 2. Whose dissertation research proposal Proposal submitted in Assignment # 02 Needs Improvement 3. Who have not submitted Proposal against Assignment # 02. MGT619 Dissertation research proposal topics Dear Student, This is to inform you that assignment 03 (revised dissertation research proposal for project/dissertation) has been given on VULMS for the above mentioned students ONLY. You must submit your revised / improved proposal against Assignment#02 before Due Date: December 13, 2013. Make sure no submission will [...]

MGT619 comments dissertation research proposal Fall 20172017-11-08T17:09:19+05:00

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