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STAT730 Advanced Research Methods Assignment #3 due date 6 Feb 2017


Purpose of Assignment # 3 STAT730: The purpose of the assignment is to learn how to perform Linear Regression Analysis. By learning this technique, students will be able to practically learn how to conduct data analysis, test relationships between IVs and DVs and it will eventually help in thesis writing. Linear Regression Analysis is used as one of the most frequent data analysis tool in research. It is used to understand a phenomenon (DV) by using single or multiple IVs, thus we build a model for the phenomenon which may deem to be true or not. In its simplest form, regression [...]

STAT730 Advanced Research Methods Assignment #3 due date 6 Feb 20172017-01-30T23:28:08+05:00

MKT619 Final project on Marketing plan


MKT619 Final project on Marketing plan Brief Introduction A Truly Light Weight remote control Wheelchair. This is a very unique product that has been long awaited in the Pakistani mobility market. Many power chairs claim that they are transportable, but no other on the market today disassembles as easy as the ZARIA, with the heaviest piece weighing only 34 Lbs. If you can set up a lawn chair, you can set up the ZARIA, no mobility lift needed! This chair disassembles into many easy to handle light weight pieces with no tools in less than 1 minuet! The ZARIA has many [...]

MKT619 Final project on Marketing plan2017-03-06T12:30:01+05:00

HRM619 Final project (HRM) help


HRM619 Final project (HRM) help Dear Students We are professional for writing HRM619 Final Project (HRM) help on students demand and providing 100 % pass Guarantee. You can contact if you have 1. Valid HRM619-Project Proposal HRM (Approved by Virtual university of Pakistan) 2. HRM619 Final Project Questionnaries (Approved by Virtual University of Pakistan) If you have not valid HRM619 final project Proposal then you can select their topic from HRM619 final project topic list and send to us.  If you want to select your topic or want to see ready made HRM619 project proposals then         Click here Please select your topic [...]

HRM619 Final project (HRM) help2017-03-06T12:30:52+05:00

HRM619 Project Emotional Intelligence on employee Performance


HRM619 Final project Emotional Intelligence on employee Performance This proposed study examines how emotional intelligence associated with job performance. We build and test a compensatory model that assumes that the association between emotional intelligence and job performance becomes more positive as cognitive intelligence decreases. Researcher found strong relationship among emotional intelligence and employee performance. This research is needed because the environment of today’s organization has been completely changed. The organization structure has been changed from “Great Man theories to relations theories, from control to empowerment. So in this situation employee want respect of their emotions. To get competitive edge organizations need [...]

HRM619 Project Emotional Intelligence on employee Performance2017-03-06T11:55:52+05:00

Comparison of Recruitment and selection Bank Alfalah and Askari bank


Comparison of Recuritment and selection between Bank Alfalah and Askari bank 2017 Table of Contents CHAPTER NO.01. 2 1.1  Introduction of the project:2 1.2 Background of the project:3 1.3 Research objectives:4 1.4 Significance:5 CHAPTER NO.02 Methodology:6 2.1    Data collection source:6 2.2    Data Collection Tools/Instruments:6 2.3    Subjects/Participants:6 2.4    Sampling technique:-6 2.5    Fieldwork/Data Collection:7 2.6    Data Processing & Analysis:7 2.7    References:8 In this 21st century, the main challenges organizations are facing are to attract and select the most suitable workers for the organization. “Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization.” “Selection [...]

Comparison of Recruitment and selection Bank Alfalah and Askari bank2017-03-06T11:56:55+05:00

Comparison of Brand Loyalty Aquafina VS Kinley


Comparison of Brand Loyalty Aquafina mineral Water VS Kinley  Importance of brand loyalty We know that maintaining importance of brand loyalty is the biggest challenge for the company, as it is a very tedious process to acquire a customer and then convert him to carry repeat purchases from the company. The more difficulty part comes in providing the same level of service that a customer will expect in his return to his loyalty. The importance of name loyalty will be asserted from the actual fact that it plays an important role within the company’s advertising appetites. If a selected product has [...]

Comparison of Brand Loyalty Aquafina VS Kinley2017-03-06T12:26:39+05:00

Askari Bank Ratio Analysis for the year 2014,2015,2016


Askari Bank Ratio Analysis for the year 2014,2015,2016 Following ratios are available:- 1) Net Profit Margin 2) Gross Spread Ratio 3) Spread Ratio 4) Non Interest Income to Total Income Ratio 5) Return on Assets (ROA) 6) Du Pont Return on Assets Ratio 7) Return on Equity (ROE) 8 Debt Ratio 9) Debt / Equity Ratio 10)Times Interest Earned Ratio 11)Advances / Deposits Ratio 12)Operating Cash Flow Ratio 13)Dividend per Share 14)Earning per Share 15) Price/Earning Ratio Ratio Analysis of Askari bank for the year 2014,2015,2016 are available. 100 % Approved Guarantee. You are required to send us email and get soft [...]

Askari Bank Ratio Analysis for the year 2014,2015,20162017-03-06T12:28:06+05:00

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