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Dare to Ask Mian Aamir Part 5 All about VU Final Project


Question Dear Sir Please explain in simple words Inferences with simple in VU final project example and other than in Professional language because you write very hard English. MC060200350 Thanks Replied Inference is last step of conducting content analysis research which is to draw conclusion of the whole analysis. Though it is quite difficult to give conclusion in content analysis because it only reflects the meaning inferred from content and not the true intention of those who actually created that content. In inference researcher tries to answer his research question that he measured by doing content analysis research. Hope it will [...]

Dare to Ask Mian Aamir Part 5 All about VU Final Project2016-06-24T23:38:21+05:00

Internship Report on National Bank of Pakistan New


Internship Report on National Bank of Pakistan (New) Brief introduction of the organization’s business sector The Internship report on NBP has been written by qundeel.com.A bank may be a monetary establishment and is licensed by Government. to supply the monetary services to its customers is that the primary activity of any bank. Bank enriches its investors. monetary activities like investment funds and collaborating in monetary markets is completed the by banking sector.Financial establishments, like in Germany, banks have possessed giant stakes in industrial businesses however in another countries like US banks don't seem to be allowed for possession of non monetary [...]

Internship Report on National Bank of Pakistan New2017-09-14T21:20:42+05:00

Dare to Ask Mian Aamir all about HRM619 Project Proposal


Is SPSS is enough for data analyzing and processing or likert scale will be used for this purpose. Dear Student, SPSS is a software that use for data processing and analysis that researcher get from respondents while likert sacle use in questionnaire that provides range to respondent for answering question. Do I have to send all the sections of HRM619 thesis on 1 july on assignment or can I send the literature review or data analysis to my supervisor's email for correction of mistakes.  Dear Student You have to submit the whole project for evaluation against the assignment on LMS.  Do we have to check the plagiarism in [...]

Dare to Ask Mian Aamir all about HRM619 Project Proposal2016-06-21T20:39:44+05:00

ECOI619 Internship Report Economics Writing Guidelines


Dear Students, We hope that you would have completed writing the Internship Program section of your ECOI619 Internship Report economics. ECOI Internship report economics enhances academic and career goals, provides practical exposure and experiences outside the classroom settings. Learning Experiences Following guidelines will help you in writing this section of your internship report. You should NOT exceed the word limit of this section that is 200-300 words or maximum 2 pages. Knowledge gained You are required to describe BRIEFLY the knowledge that you acquired and gained during your internship. You must relate this practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge that you learned in [...]

ECOI619 Internship Report Economics Writing Guidelines2016-06-13T18:34:55+05:00

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