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MKT 703 Assignment # 1 Fall 2015


 MKT 703 Strategic Marketing Management Assignment: # 01 Fall 2015 Due Date: December, 10, 2015     Total Marks 40 Task 1: Marks: 20 Please summarize the give article (Two Pages) entitled, “Strategic marketing and marketing strategy: domain, definition, fundamental issues and foundation premises by Rajan Varadarajan.” available on downloads section of VULMS. Before attempting the Task # 1, Students are advised to read “How to Summarize a Research Article”, it is also available on downloads section of VULMS: How would you elaborate the choice of where to compete and the choice of how to compete with respect to organization’s decisions? Identify [...]

MKT 703 Assignment # 1 Fall 20152015-12-08T07:26:19+05:00

FIN722 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2015


FIN722 Assignment 1 Fall 2015 Corporate Finance Date date Due Date: 9-Dec-2015 Here is FIN722 Assignment # 01 for your course of corporate finance. It will provide you an opportunity to get yourself prepared for your mid-term exam. Before comprehending and attempting the assignment, we would like you to note some of the following important points. This assignment has been designed to enhance and assess your financial knowledge so it is advisable to put your genuine efforts towards its attempt. You may, however, consult your study resources or to anyone who has requisite financial expertise but the solution should be prepared wholly [...]

FIN722 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 20152015-12-07T20:46:49+05:00

STAT730 Assignment 1 solution Fall 2015


STAT730 Advanced Research Methods Assignment 1 Fall 2015 Due Date: 11 December, 2015 Preliminary Requirement To attempt this assignment you have to read the articles* on ‘Organizational Trust’ or ‘Work Autonomy’ (only choose one) and then identify the variables (IVs) which can effect the selected variable (choice - Either ‘Organizational Trust’ or ‘Work Autonomy’). Assignment Question of STAT730 You are required to draw a conceptual diagram which shows the relationship between those variables and your selected variable. Each relationship should be individually explained with evidence from literature review. Minimum 3 relationships are required. STAT730 Assignment 1 Solution.

STAT730 Assignment 1 solution Fall 20152015-12-07T09:38:07+05:00

MGT703 GDB Solution Fall 2015


MGT703 Strategic Management GDB Solution Fall 2015 Thursday, December 03, 2015 Wednesday, December 09, 2015 The MGT703 GDB solution is only for idea purpose. Students are now allowed to copy it as it is. MGT703 GDB Fall 2015 Due date 09,2015 Discussion Case Johnson & Johnson was founded on 1986 in New Jersey State of USA. J&J produces a wide variety of health-care products, ranging from baby powder to Listerine, joint replacement parts to pharmaceutical drugs. Johnson & Johnson is a big company that is well managed and remained in profit in the financial crisis of 2008. Company’s revenue increased from 61 billion to [...]

MGT703 GDB Solution Fall 20152015-12-07T08:57:20+05:00

FINI619-Internship Report-Finance


Welcom to FINI619 Internship Report Finance Dear Students, We are professional for writing FINI619 Internship Reports finance of Virtual University of Pakistan on demand. We are providing 100 % Pass Guarantee. We will refund your whole money in case of failure.  Save your time and semester, let us know if you are interested  FINI619 Internship Report on ABL (Allied Bank) 2015  FINI619 Internship Report on AKBL( Askari Bank)2015  FINI619 Internship Report on AMBLApna Microfinance Bank 2015  FINI619 Internship Report on BAFL Bank Al-Falah 2015  FINI619 Internship Report on BAHL Bank AL-Habib 2015  FINI619 Internship Report on BIPL Bankislami Pakistan 2015  FINI619 [...]

FINI619-Internship Report-Finance2015-12-02T20:28:19+05:00

MKT619 Final Project on Unilever Brothers Pakistan


MKT619 Final Project on Unilever Brothers Pakistan We are providing MKT619 Final Project Marketing writing service with 100 % Pass Guarantee. We Promise you, we will refund your money in case non approval.  MKT619 Final Project Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited is a multinational organization. Unilever PLC London is its parent company. Unilever is a European based company with headquarters in London, and their shares are quoted at the stock exchange of several European countries. They deal in all kinds of products from animal foodstuff to foods and detergents plus other personal and consumer products. Unilever has its subsidiaries in over 80 [...]

MKT619 Final Project on Unilever Brothers Pakistan2015-12-02T18:40:23+05:00

MKT619 MBA Final Project Marketing Assignment #01 Proposal for project


MKT619 MBA Final Project Marketing Assignment # 1 Dear Student, This is to inform you that assignment# 01 for mkt619 (project/dissertation proposal) has been given on VULMS. The format of project proposal as well as dissertation proposal is available in Lesson# 06: FORMATS and in DOWNLOADS section. You are required to choose the appropriate one according to your selection i.e. Project or Dissertation. It is advised hereby to explore the following links to get the usable helping material as well as formats: §         FAQs §         Lessons §         Downloads You must submit your project/dissertation proposal by uploading it against assignment# 01 on VULMS [...]

MKT619 MBA Final Project Marketing Assignment #01 Proposal for project2015-12-02T18:38:14+05:00

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