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HRM619 Final Project MBA Research Proposal Topics 2014


HRM619 MBA Project or HRM619 Dissertations are a great opportunity for students to showcase their level of expertise in their chosen field. Writing your business intelligence Free Human Resource Management (HRM) Project and business ethics dissertation is not an easy task; in fact, this requires investment in time, effort and dedication. The key to ensuring the quality of your  business intelligence dissertation and business ethics dissertation is to choose the best topic. HRM619 Final Project MBA HR Research Proposal Topics 2014 Reasons of Job Burnout in the organization  Measuring the perceived organizational support  Comparison of any one HR practice (Training & development, [...]

HRM619 Final Project MBA Research Proposal Topics 20142014-06-11T16:02:00+05:00

MGT619 Final Project Assignment Schedule 2014


MGT619 Final Project Management Assignment Schedule 2014 Dear Student The Semester Calendar of the course MGT619 has been provided as mentioned. As per calendar, submission of proposal (due date: 9th May 2014) is COMPULSORY. You are required to follow the provided Semester Calendar and make submissions accordingly. Semester Calendar (Schedule for Spring 2014) Course Schedule Dates 1st submission of Proposal 9th May 2014 Last date for Submission of Job Confirmation Letter/Copy of transcript of previous BS degree program 9th May 2014 Submission of Final Project/Dissertation 27 June,2014 Presentation & Viva Voce After acceptance of final project report (view the note below) * Note:• Presentation & [...]

MGT619 Final Project Assignment Schedule 20142014-05-14T15:44:29+05:00

HRMI619 Internship Report on Bismillah Fabrics Ltd 2014


HRMI619 Internship Report on Bismillah Fabrics Ltd Executive Summary The HRMI619 internship report program is arranged as a partial degree requirement by university it is to enhance the student’s ideas and knowledge about actual professional life and how to implement the knowledge earned into practical situations often involving quick decision making. To improve my professional knowledge and educational skills I performed my internship at Bismillah fabrics Ltd Faisalabad. The company is responsible for making bed linens, duvets and curtains etc. for national and international market. The company has several quality assurance certificates to its name. During my internship program I have [...]

HRMI619 Internship Report on Bismillah Fabrics Ltd 20142014-06-18T07:45:30+05:00

HRM619 Project Report on Job satisfaction of Employees 2014


Main focus of most organizations today is on training and recruitment practices. Training practices are important for employees as they learn new skills, attitude and technical knowledge to perform their jobs more efficiently. Recruitment process has grave importance in any organization because they want to hire the best staff. It is responsibility of HRM to provide improved training practices and an efficient recruitment process. The study aims to improve training and recruitment practices in the organization. To conduct this study primary and secondary data was used. Primary data was collected with the help of questionnaires. HRM619 Prepared questionnaires were distributed among [...]

HRM619 Project Report on Job satisfaction of Employees 20142014-05-14T15:49:38+05:00

Announcement for Course Selection for Spring 2017


Announcement for Course Selection for Spring 2014 (Classes Commencement Date: Monday, OCT 14, 2017) The Course Selection link will be available on Thursday, OCT 10, 2017 under Student Services Tab. The students are advised to logon to their respective VULMS account and select their course(s) immediately or at least before the semester commencement date. However, students may add/drop course(s) on or before OCT 21, 2017. Failing to enroll any course(s) by the last date, such students will be treated as “INACTIVE STUDENT” in Spring 2017 semester and fine will also be imposed under “Semester Freeze Rules 2012”. Notes: Existing students may Select/Add/Drop/Replace course(s) [...]

Announcement for Course Selection for Spring 20172017-11-08T17:13:24+05:00

FIN619 Project Finance on Activity Ratio Kohat,Lucky,Attock 2013-2014


FIN619 Project Finance on Activity Ratio Kohat,Lucky,Attock 2013-2014 Table of Content Section 1 8 Chapter 1 Introduction of the Project 8 1.1 Financial period under consideration for analysis (2011, 2012, 2013) 8 1,2 Introduction to Companies 9 1.3 objectives: 9 1.4 Significance 10 CHAPTER 2 Methodology 10 2.1 Data Collection Sources 10 2.2 Data Processing & Analysis: 11 CHAPTER # 3 Data Analysis 12 ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE TURNOVER 12 Average Collection Period 13 ACCOUNTS PAYABLE TURNOVER. 15 AVERAGE PAYMENT PERIOD 17 Inventory Turnover 19 Average age of inventory 20 Operating Cycle 22 TOTAL ASSETS TURNOVER: 23 FIXED ASSET TURNOVER 25 Chapter 4 [...]

FIN619 Project Finance on Activity Ratio Kohat,Lucky,Attock 2013-20142014-05-14T15:50:34+05:00

Tips for VU Final Project Report Writing


Although every report is custom-made for the VU Final Project Report it represents, some conventions of report format are universal. These conventions have developed over a long period of time, and they represent a consensus about what parts are necessary to a good research report and how they should be ordered. The consensus is not an inviolable law, though. Each report writing book suggests its own unique format and every report writer has to pick and choose the parts and the order that work best for the project at hand. Many companies and universities also have an in-house, suggested report formats [...]

Tips for VU Final Project Report Writing2014-05-17T18:06:02+05:00

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