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MKT619 Marketing Dissertation Projects Assignment # 5


Dear Students, This is to inform you that assignment# 05 dissertation projects in marketing has been opened on VULMS. You must submit your final project or dissertation by uploading it against the link for assignment# 05 on the course VULMS before due date (Jan 10, 2014). Make sure submissions through E-mail will NOT be entertained. The formats of project as well as dissertation are available in Lesson #05 and the DOWNLOADS tab in the course VULMS. NOTE: Only those students, who have a Valid Proposal approved by the Instructor, are allowed to submit marketing dissertation projects Assignment # 05. Copied/plagiarized work will be [...]

MKT619 Marketing Dissertation Projects Assignment # 52014-01-08T16:04:54+05:00

List of AIOU COL MBA Research Proposal Topics


Allama Iqbal Open University is the pioneer of distance education in Asia. With the collaboration of commonwealth of Learning (COL), Allama Iqbal Open University has taken step towards virtual education. This program is the outcome of close collaboration between Commonwealth and the National Open universities of Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Guyana, Jamaica, Papau New Guinea and Nigeria. The mission of COL MBA/MPA Program for Executives is to provide an applied and integrative business management education to experienced managers and professionals. List of AIOU COL MBA Research Proposal Topics and research synopsis Available for COL MBA/MPA Program Our AIOU COL [...]

List of AIOU COL MBA Research Proposal Topics2013-12-25T17:34:38+05:00

Dare to Ask all about VU Final Project Marketing


Respected Sir Can you clarify the term abstract ?What is abstract thinking Clear my concept about proposition in easy word with example Clear my concept about : Theory as a conceptualization and classification Theory in summarizing role theory predictis facts Jazakkalhu khairan Dear student, Abstract concept means difficult to understand and measure directly due to not having a concrete and physical existence. Abstract thinking is ability to think in terms of ideas, use concepts and understand generalizations. Abstract thinking is complex, subjective and invisible. Abstract thinkers see the patterns beyond the obvious. Proposition are statements in which concepts are logically connected [...]

Dare to Ask all about VU Final Project Marketing2013-12-18T17:02:35+05:00

Dare to Ask all about VU Final year Projects


Sir please explain about haphazard manners in research:? What is that and how they effect our research program:? [box type="note" align="alignleft" ]Haphazard means lack of order or planning. As research is defined as a systematic and organized effort to investigate a specific problem, from this definition we can extract the fact that research can’t be done in unplanned or unorganized way. Therefore we can’t find the solution of our problem in haphazard manner if we want to do research. If a researcher does not use a systematic approach then his decisions will be based on a person who uses common sense alone [...]

Dare to Ask all about VU Final year Projects2013-12-13T09:30:52+05:00

Project Benefit cost analysis of Solar Energy at Household Level


The Sun, our nearest star is the source of energy for life on Earth. It is about 150 million km away, a distance which sunlight covers in 8 minutes. The energy output, solar constant is about 3.8 X 10^33 ergs / sec. within forty minutes of the sun, shining on the Earth, the Sun will have given off as much energy as the entire world population will use in one year. Earth’s inhabitants utilize and harness only about one percent of this energy. The basic energy source for the Sun is nuclear fusion, which uses the high temperatures and densities to [...]

Project Benefit cost analysis of Solar Energy at Household Level2013-12-12T08:43:40+05:00

Internet Cafe Business Plan for PM Youth Loan Scheme


Internet Cafe Business Plan for Prime Minister Youth loan scheme  In this pre-feasibility study, the Internet cafe is proposed to be located in a commercial area which is in close proximity of students and business people of middle income groups. A range of services are to be provided including but not limited to internet surfing, audio/video chat, printing, scanning and fax services. Furthermore, projected workings of the business have been based on 16 hours of operations per day. Internet cafe business plan in Pakistan In order to set-up an internet cafe, the entrepreneur needs to get a high bandwidth internet connection from a renowned service provider. The [...]

Internet Cafe Business Plan for PM Youth Loan Scheme2013-12-12T19:10:33+05:00

Business Plan for Bakery of PM Youth Business Loan Scheme


Bakery & Confectionery business is growing in both urban and semi-urban areas. This pre-feasibility study encompasses the bakery business located in commercial neighborhood surrounding and middle income residential localities. Major products include cakes, snacks, sweets, nimko, biscuits, bread and general confectionery items, which will be sold to target customers of vicinity.The sales outlet will be supported by an in house production facility. Selections of adequate product mix and business location, supported by marketing efforts arethe critical success factors. Business Plan for Bakery The proposed Bakery & Confectionery shop is a small scale project with a production area and sales out-let. It will be equipped with basic machinery [...]

Business Plan for Bakery of PM Youth Business Loan Scheme2013-12-09T18:52:06+05:00

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