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Project of Online banking Challenges and Opportunities


Project of Online banking Challenges and Opportunities Technological developments are growing at associate direful speed within the international arena. web is with pride one in every of the simplest in those. So, the banking sector is additionally creating the simplest utilization of it. during this study supported on-line BANKING, it's been discovered that the event of on-line banking has enlarged by leaps and bounds throughout the past few years. Concentrating on the Indian economy, the employment of on-line banking remains within the developing stage. Today in Bharat the scope of on-line banking is growing by an honest} decent rise in its [...]

Project of Online banking Challenges and Opportunities2013-02-28T20:08:38+05:00

VU Project Last Chance-Thank You Qundeel.com


My name is Ali and i'm the student of Virtual University of Pakistan. I wanted to share one of my tough experiences of my life so that it may help others. Actually, its about my final project of MBA HRM619 which game me very hard time as it was impossible for me to work on project along with full time job.Even after much hard work i was unable to complete the project at desired deadlines and at last when submitted at last chance, the instructor rejected it with comments to try again in next semester as no more time available for [...]

VU Project Last Chance-Thank You Qundeel.com2013-08-17T06:17:19+05:00

FINI619 Assignment 4 Fall 2012


FINI619 Assignment 3 Fall 2012 Declaration of Result of Assignment # 2 and Submission of Assignment # 04 for Improved Internship Report. Dear Students, The result of the Assignment # 02: Revised Internship Report has been declared. The evaluated internship reports have also been uploaded on the course VULMS. Results of evaluated internship reports have been declared as Pass or Needs Improvement. FINI619 Assignment 4 PASS improved Internship Report The students whose results of Written Work i.e. (internship report) have been declared as Pass should carefully read and follow the comments given in their evaluated internship reports. They should start preparing for presentation & viva voce. Also follow [...]

FINI619 Assignment 4 Fall 20122014-06-18T07:50:45+05:00

HRM619 Writing a Research Project


HRM619 Writing a Research Project Dear Students; Final project Human Resource Management (HRM619) is a research based course and students are expected to give quality time to this course in order to earn the course.Since students have taken the course of the Research Methods (STA630) and Statistics and Probability (STA301) before enrolling the course of project, we expect clarity of the concepts and the command on the subject matter of above mentioned two courses. However, we observed that even after gone through these complementary courses for project, students are unable to recall the basic research ideas and analysis techniques suitable for their study. Hence by [...]

HRM619 Writing a Research Project2013-02-26T20:01:41+05:00

AIOU COL MBA Final Year Project Topic


AIOU COL MBA Final Year Project Topic for Students Find the below Final Project Topic for AIOU COL MBA   Measuring the job satisfaction Measuring the perceived organizational support Comparison of the training practices in two or more organizations of the same sector or different sectors Comparison of the HR practices in two or more organizations of the same sector or Comparison of any one HR practice (Training & development, Recruitment & Selection, Performance Appraisal, and Compensation Management) of organizations of different sectors. Measuring job stress Effect of job design on the employee satisfaction Manager Neuroticism and Job satisfaction HR Audit [...]

AIOU COL MBA Final Year Project Topic2014-06-16T18:32:35+05:00

HRM619 Revised Final Project


HRM619 Assignment#09 (Revised Final Project)   The result of Assignment 09 (Revised Final Project) has been declared. The final projects have been evaluated and uploaded on the VULMS of the course. Evaluated final projects have been categorized under three heads:   The students whose final projects have been declared pass are required to prepare themselves for presentation and viva voce. The students whose final project has been declared fail are required to enroll in the course again in next semester Spring2013. The students are required to check their evaluated assignments and read the “Result Remarks” carefully for guidance and proceed further according to their status of evaluated assignment. Wish you good [...]

HRM619 Revised Final Project2013-02-22T17:59:35+05:00

MGT619 Final Project Assignment #10 Presentation Slides


MGT619 Final Project Assignment #10: Presentation Slides Dear Students,  All those students who have been declared “PASS” in the Written Work i.e. (MGT619 Proposal & Final Project/ Dissertation) are hereby informed that assignment # 10 (Presentation Slides) has been given on the course VULMS. The Presentation Slides are required to be prepared in the light of guidelines provided in Lesson# 07 on VULMS of the course. It is COMPULSORY only for the eligible students (who have passed the Written Work as a whole in Assignment # 06 & 07 and 09) to submit their Presentation Slides (PPTs) by uploading against relevant assignment before the Due Date i.e. Friday, 01 March 2013  All such students [...]

MGT619 Final Project Assignment #10 Presentation Slides2013-03-30T15:25:34+05:00

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