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Synopsis for Col AIOU MBA Students 2013


Project Synopsis for Col AIOU MBA Students 2013-2014 Synopsis for Col MBA AIOU students on following topics are available:- Col MBA (AIOU) Synopsis on study of performance appraisal / performance management system. Col MBA (AIOU) Synopsis on Assessment of role stress amongst the employees. Col MBA (AIOU) Synopsis on measuring Job satisfaction survey at XYZ organization. Col MBA (AIOU) Synopsis on Competency mapping in an organization. Col MBA (AIOU) Synopsis on Training effectiveness in an organization. Col MBA (AIOU) Synopsis on Motivational analysis of organization. Col MBA (AIOU) Synopsis on study of team effectiveness in an organization: Col MBA (AIOU) Synopsis on [...]

Synopsis for Col AIOU MBA Students 20132014-10-23T16:18:49+05:00

MGT619 Final Project Assignment 4 (Fall 2012) Research Tool


MGT619-Final Project Assignment 4 Research Tool for Data Collection   This assignment is for those students ONLY whose MGT619 Project  Proposal has been ACCEPTED.   Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting the MGT619 assignment 04 Research tool for data collection.  The students whose topic has been rejected should proceed according to the instructions given by the Instructor as either the proposal is rejected due to the topic or some other major problem.              Click here and get your Project Proposal approved (100 % Pass Guarantee)   2.   Those students whose proposals fall under the category of “NEEDS IMPROVEMENT” or “REJECTED” [...]

MGT619 Final Project Assignment 4 (Fall 2012) Research Tool2013-03-30T15:41:30+05:00

Bank Alfalah Ratio Analysis(Most recent years)


Bank Alfalah Ratio Analysis For FINI619 Students  The ratio analysis of Bank Alfalah (most recent three years 2009.2010,2011 for FINI619 students of Virtual university of Pakistan is available. Financial Ratio Analysis of Bank Alfalah for the year 2009,2010,2011 The following ratios are required to be calculated: 1. Net Profit Margin 2. Operating Cash Flow Ratio 3. Gross Spread Ratio 4. Non-Interest Income to Total Income Ratio 5. Spread Ratio 6. Advances / Deposits Ratio 7. Return on Total Equity (ROE) 8. Debt Ratio 9. Debt / Equity Ratio 10. Price/Earnings Ratio You can get all above mentioned ratios with following manners [...]

Bank Alfalah Ratio Analysis(Most recent years)2013-12-09T14:51:42+05:00

Internship Report on NBP(National bank of Pakistan)2015


Internship Report on NBP(National bank of Pakistan)2013 (Finance)   What is Financial statement of NBP The financial statement provides the basic knowledge for financial performance analysis. The financial statements provide a summarized view of the financial position & operations of a firm. Financial analysis (also often called financial statement analysis or accounting analysis) refers to an assessment of the viability, stability & profitability of a business. The analyst first identifies the knowledge relevant to the decision under consideration from the total knowledge contained in the financial statements. Therefore, much can be learnt about a firm from a cautious examination of its [...]

Internship Report on NBP(National bank of Pakistan)20152015-01-23T06:49:53+05:00

MGT619 Final Project Available Fall 2012


MGT619 Final Project Management  Available Fall 2012.   List of MGT619 Project Management available for Fall 2012 Students. Following MGT619 Final Project Management Projects are available.   Employees’ perception about organizational structure and its impact on employee’s productivity: A comparative study of the organizations Leadership Styles and Organizational Effectiveness: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Organizations Perceived level of commitment of top management regarding the TQM implementation A comparative study of leadership styles in public and private sector A comparative study of organizational effectives in private and public sector Decision making styles: A comparative study of organizations Assessing and identifying the dominant organizational [...]

MGT619 Final Project Available Fall 20122014-06-18T07:41:56+05:00

ALL about HRM619 Final Project


HRM619: Final Project (Human Resource Management) Rules and Regulations   The students, who are presently on job and cannot spare time for doing the internship, can get exemption from internship by submitting their Job Confirmation Letter( JCL). Upon the acceptance of ‘Job Confirmation Letter’ by the Documents Evaluation Committee, exemption will be granted from Internship and Internship Report. The students still need to fulfill all the requirements of this course by submitting project/dissertation (instead of internship report) and appearing in presentation & viva voce. Once enrolled in the course “HRM619-Final Project-Human Resource Management ”, a student shall NOT be allowed to [...]

ALL about HRM619 Final Project2012-12-06T18:39:42+05:00

Internship Report on Allied Bank of Pakistan New


Internship Report on Allied Bank of Pakistan(2013-2014)   Internship Report on Allied Bank   The above internship report on Allied bank is available. Simply like our facebook page and send your request at qundeel.com@gmail.com and get same internship report on alllied bank 2013 and 2014 in your inbox.  Contact us    

Internship Report on Allied Bank of Pakistan New2014-03-23T05:00:31+05:00

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