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MGMT625-Change Management GDB #1 SPRING 2012


MGMT625-Change Management GDB #1 SPRING 2012 DIALECTICAL THEORY OF CHANGE   It was believed that mobile phone is one of the greatest blessings of technology which facilitated the masses by providing efficient means of communication. But as its usage has been expanded in our society, different crimes has also been reported which are solely resulted by this blessing of technology. This reality has altered the belief that only a restricted use of mobile phone can ensure its effectiveness.   MGMT625 GDB # 1 Spring 2012 Solution   Categorize these arguments (in italic) as synthesis, thesis and anti-thesis with suitable justification.   Click here to [...]

MGMT625-Change Management GDB #1 SPRING 20122012-04-30T10:23:29+05:00

MGMT628 GDB # 1 SPRING 2012 Solution


Welcome to Our MGMT628-Organizational Development GDB # 1 SPRING 2012 Solution. In 1997, Clayton M. Christensen authored a book, The Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail, proposing a shocking idea: good management practices can lead to the failure of successful organizations – and the reason is Disruptive Technologies. Disruptive technology, he explains, is any innovation that disrupts current market, creates new market or changes value-network. He argues that it is very difficult for existing successful companies to take full advantage of technological breakthroughs such as the internet because the habits, which led to success, get in the [...]

MGMT628 GDB # 1 SPRING 2012 Solution2012-04-29T19:38:59+05:00

Human Resource Project Topics for MBA Students


Welcome to our Human Resource Project Topics for MBA Students.   Recruitment Levels of Companies Technologies and Domineer Portal Explanation Explanation of Job Descripton and Analyzing of Requirement Sourcing of Profiles from Portals Screening of profiles as per the requirement Calling the Candidates Formatting of profiles and Tracker’s Preparation Maintenance of Databas Training and Development Concept of Training and Development Training Needs Identification Process Designing Annual Training Plans Training Execution Designing Employee Development Initiatives Designing Supervisory Development Programs Designing Management Development Programs What is Training ROI and how to Calculate Introduction to Best Trainer Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Induction and Orientation [...]

Human Resource Project Topics for MBA Students2013-03-03T20:38:10+05:00

CS101-Introduction to Computing Assignment 2 Spring 2012


Welcome to Our CS101-Introduction to Computing Assignment 2 Spring 2012 Objective:  To develop your own JavaScript functions and using them in form   Question 1 CS101 Assignment 2 Spring 2012 Make a form in HTML document containing only one field named as Email and one Submit Button. Write your own JavaScript function to validate the email address. The Validation should be as follows: CS101-Introduction to Computing Assignment 2 Solution 2012 1. It must accept only your VU Student email address i.e; it must not accept any other student’s VU email address. 2. It must show alert on acceptance or denial of the email [...]

CS101-Introduction to Computing Assignment 2 Spring 20122012-04-27T15:21:00+05:00

Basic Steps in Writing Research Proposal


Welcome to our Basic Steps in Writing Research Proposal In fact Research proposals in education and the social science are often organized the following activities. An important part of many research projects and a key element for anyone wishing to secure funding for research is that of writing a research proposal or plan of the intended research programme.  Even if it is not a format requirement, it is still a useful exercise to undertake during the easily stages of your research. You should try to produce your own research proposal as soon as you have determined your research questions.  This proposal [...]

Basic Steps in Writing Research Proposal2013-12-09T19:11:59+05:00

MKT624-Brand Management Assignment No #1 2012 Solution


Welcome to our MKT624-Brand Management Assignment No #1 2012 Solution. MKT624-Brand Management Assignment No #1  Goodyear was incorporated on August 29, 1898 with a capital stock of $100,000. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company was founded by Frank A. Seiberling with the borrowedmoney from his brother-in-law. Goodyear began its production with just 13 employees but today it has achieved immense heights through innovation and fulfilling the carefully identified customer’s needs. It has worked hard over years to create point of difference and point of parity association with its customers. It has focused on delivering delightful experience to the customer by designing [...]

MKT624-Brand Management Assignment No #1 2012 Solution2012-04-26T14:38:37+05:00

MGT613-Production Operations Management GDB #1 2012 Solution


Welcome to our MGT613-Production Operations Management GDB #1 2012 Solution.   MGT613 GDB #1 2012 Solution of this statment  that "UniPlus is the biggest private manufacturing group of steel goods in Pakistan. The productivity and efficiency of this group has been declining for last two years. The chief executive officer (CEO) and board of directors (BOD) are asking for the suggestions on the following matters"   Get MGT613 GDB #1 2012 Solution   Whether the bottleneck operations are one of the reasons in the declining output and lack of productivity of the company? Whether the bottleneck operations need to be eliminated [...]

MGT613-Production Operations Management GDB #1 2012 Solution2012-04-25T18:34:51+05:00

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