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MBA Project Report on Colgate Marketing Strategy


Executive Summary Colgate Palmolive is a well-reputed company with a large series of its well-known products having different varieties in terms of flavour. Colgate Palmolive is the world leader in oral care industry. They cater the need of different segments by offering innovative products. The main objectives of this study is to analyse the existing channel strategies, physical distribution, sales force design and marketing strategies of Colgate Palmolive in India and recommend the improvement if any on these areas. Furthermore the communication strategies are discussed in detail. The communication strategy includes the study of the message strategy, creative strategy, the positioning [...]

MBA Project Report on Colgate Marketing Strategy2014-06-16T19:07:48+05:00

MBA Finance Project of Profitability Ratio Analysis of Banks


Introduction of the Project The main reason for measuring and analyze the three banks Profitability ratio for knowing and enhancing the knowledge about profitability ratio and also find out which bank have efficiency to meet the desire financial goals. This measures and purpose of this ratio is to measures and analyzes company or bank use of its assets and control of its expenses to generate an acceptable rate of return. In short words we could say that profitability ratios are measures of performance showing how much the firm is earning compared to its sales and assets. In this project readers could [...]

MBA Finance Project of Profitability Ratio Analysis of Banks2014-06-17T07:01:10+05:00

HR Project Report on Comparison of training practices of NBP and Meezan bank


Introduction to Project Commonly we can say training is referring to pre planned struggle to facilitate the learning of job-related knowledge, skill and behavior by employee. Although training helps employees do their current jobs, the benefits training may extend throughout a person’s career and help develop that person for future responsibilities. In other words training and development pay dividends to the workers and the organization. Though no single program yields all the benefits the personal and career goals of the employee are furthered, adding to his or her abilities and value to the employer, which furthers the objectives of the managers [...]

HR Project Report on Comparison of training practices of NBP and Meezan bank2014-06-18T07:33:38+05:00

Organizational Development HR case study with solution


For many decades steel industry of United States (US steel) was stable and certain. If manufactures produced at reasonable quality and price then buyers were happy to purchase the steel. Then price of steel reached sky high and industry changed due to economic crisis, inflation, low production of autos, and competition. Most importantly, globalization played a key role in this scenario. Many foreign countries, like Germany, France and Japan, jumped into US market to compete for scare resources and market share. This intensive competition induced pressure to share resources, and technical expertise across the globe. The market became complex and environment [...]

Organizational Development HR case study with solution2014-06-17T07:00:15+05:00

How to write perfect marketing dissertation(MKT619)


General Guidelines for marketing Project/Dissertation(MKT619). The following guidelines are formulated to help you throughout the journey of making your final project/dissertation for your MBA degree. You are required to be more vigilant and active once you select this course. Regularly check your mails and keep in contact with your Course Instructor via email and/or MDB. Read the announcements to keep you abreast with the latest updates.  In the beginning of your course, you should start reading the literature available related to your field of specialization. This will make you understand various researches done in the area in which you are specializing. [...]

How to write perfect marketing dissertation(MKT619)2014-06-13T14:30:39+05:00

Common Mistakes while Writing a Marketing proposal (MKT619)


A MKT619 research proposal is planned to encourage others that you have a worthwhile research project and that you have the proficiency and the work-plan to complete it. Generally, a research proposal should contain all the key elements concerned in the research process and include enough information for the readers to evaluate the proposed study. Common Mistakes while Writing a Marketing proposal A general topic is selected which is often NOT related to area of specialization (marketing) A well known company/brand is NOT usually chosen The specific and appropriate format of project/dissertation is NOT followed Copied/plagiarized work is provided The objectives [...]

Common Mistakes while Writing a Marketing proposal (MKT619)2014-06-13T14:31:44+05:00

Marketing Research proposal of Advertising Strategy Ufone and Warid


Advertising is vital elements of marketing mix for increasing sales revenue by gaining more and more customers through effective advertising strategy. This tool was used first in the modern countries, but now it is becoming very famous in everywhere due to huge competition in the market. Any company who want competitive advantage in the market, it should adopt effective marketing strategy to compete. Various study has been conducted over this topic, how to company attract the customers through using different advertising channel. How companies deliver its product message to their audience efficiently and effetely. It is true that, affect message or [...]

Marketing Research proposal of Advertising Strategy Ufone and Warid2014-06-17T06:59:45+05:00

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