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HR Project Report-Research Final Project


Qundeel.com is presenting HR Project Report on HR Project Report - Recruitment & Selection Procedure, HR Trends of Indian IT Industries, Total Quality Management, Job Satisfaction of employees, HR Implications in Private Banking Sector, Quality Circle, Importance of Training & Training Methods, Workman's Performance Appraisal, Training & Significance of Job Analysis. HR Project Report on Recruitment & Selection Procedure of National Bank of Pakistan HR Project Report on Workmans Performance Appraisal in HP Pakistan HR Project Report on Training and Development of Employees HRM Project Report on HR Trends of Pakistani IT Industries HR Project Report on Total Quality Management : HR [...]

HR Project Report-Research Final Project2016-04-24T11:45:11+05:00

MKT619 Proposal on Pricing Strategies


Pricing Strategies  Introduction.. 6 1.1 Introduction of the project 6 1.2 Background of the project 6 1.3 Company’s introduction. 7 1.5 Objectives of the project 9 1.6 Significance of the project 10 2.1 Marketing mix of Honda (CD 70) 10 2.2 Market segmentation strategies of Honda. 15 2.3 Target marketing strategies of Honda. 16 2.4 Pricing objectives of the Honda. 17 2.5 Product mix pricing strategies. 17 2.6 Price adjustment strategies. 17 2.7 Price changes. 18 2.8 Inflating price changes: 18 2.9 Competitor's reactions to price changes: 18 2.10 Company's responses to price changes: 18 Competitor Analysis (Yamaha ) 19 3.1 [...]

MKT619 Proposal on Pricing Strategies2014-12-11T13:32:49+05:00

MKT619 Proposal on Comparison of Advertising strategies


Advertising strategies Advertising is very important tools from the market mix, no one company could ignore because it is very useful for promoting product features as well as delivering relevant information to people.  Without correct advertising strategy company might competitive advantage. Lot studies it's been observed that those corporations might compete over the competitors, those adopt effective market strategy. nowadays is age of competition, each company wish to get high sales revenue and a lot of and a lot of customers further, therefore it will solely potential for adopting properly advertising methodology. In Pakistan Coca cola and Pepsi each are market [...]

MKT619 Proposal on Comparison of Advertising strategies2014-11-25T18:19:29+05:00

MKT619 Proposal on Factors behind effectiveness of advertising


The most common research approach to understanding how people read newspapers and magazines and assessing which positions and  types of advertising work best is the mall or street intercept. This involves recruiting people off the street, inviting them into a central location and physically taking them through publications they claim to have read in the recent past (i.e. qualifying them as 'average issue readers' so the data can be linked to standard industry readership data). During this process, respondents might be asked general questions about how they read particular titles. They may also be asked about their recall of individual advertisements in [...]

MKT619 Proposal on Factors behind effectiveness of advertising2014-11-25T09:11:28+05:00

Proposal on Does personalities of celebrities match with the brands advertised


Personalities of celebrities match with the brands advertised Percentage analysis was performed to measure consumer responses about advertising of Warid and Mobilink the percentage analysis indicates that ads by Warid are more famous among its users than the mobilink ads are with the users.  These findings also show that Warid has better advertising than Mobilink. Warid users usually come across the  Personalities of celebrities ads several times a day, they believe that the ads are meaningful as well as entertaining and the message of the ads is clear and not vague in any way. They see ads of warid as more [...]

Proposal on Does personalities of celebrities match with the brands advertised2014-11-25T18:25:42+05:00

MKT619 Project Proposal on Comparison of personality branding


Project Proposal on Comparison of personality branding Brand loyalty may be a consumer’s preference to shop for a selected whole during a product class. It happens as a result of customers understands that the whole offers the proper product options, pictures or level of quality at the proper value.  This perception becomes the inspiration for a latest buying habit. Basically, customers at the start will build a trial purchase of the whole and, once satisfaction, tend to make habits and continue obtaining constant complete as a results of the merchandise is safe and acquainted. Shortly we are able to say that [...]

MKT619 Project Proposal on Comparison of personality branding2014-11-25T18:28:40+05:00

MKT619 Project Proposal on Comparison of CRM Strategies


CRM processes that help form individualized relationships with customers (to improve customer satisfaction) and provide the highest level of customer service to the most profitable customers; CRM processes that provide employees with the information they need to know their customers' wants and needs, and build relationships between the company and its customers. CRM Strategies In other words we can that Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, [...]

MKT619 Project Proposal on Comparison of CRM Strategies2014-12-13T13:04:17+05:00

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