Dear Student
Project/Internship is compulsory for all professionals degree programs. It is your choice to do project or internship. Project/Internship contains one semester. First you need to select project/internship course in course selection. Course selection link will open on October 04, 2016. If you have completed required credit hours you will be able to select project/internship course relevant to your degree program. Following are some basic information about Project and Internship if you face any problem you contact us for assistance.
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VU Final Project Course

VU Final Project is for those students who are doing job, they need to present their Job confirmation Letter (JCL) to vu then they can do project work. Following are project courses subject codes (You need to select according to your degree)
ACF619  BNK619 BNK620 COM619 ECO619 FIN619 FIN620 HRM619 HRM620 MCM619 MGT619 MGT620  MIS619 MIS620 MKT619 MKT620 PAD619 PSY619.

Important Note:( CS619, CS519 IT619, IT620 detail is different)

Final Internship Course

Internship is for those students who are not doing job, they have choice to do internship in different companies / banks etc. Internship students need to provide ICC (Internship Completion Certificate) after completion of internship. Following are project courses  (You need to select according to your degree)
ACFI619 BNKI619 BNKI620 COMI619 ECOI619 EDU619 FINI619 FINI620 HRMI619 HRMI620 MCMI619 MGTI619 MGTI620, MISI619, MISI620 MKTI619 MKTI620 PADI619  PSYI619.

Proposal for Project

Project Student need to submit proposal in vulms , after approval from instructor student can start work. There is no need submit proposal in Internship.

Final Report

Student need to make a report of their project/internship according to vu given template and submit in vulms , instructor check it if any improvement require instructor highlight it , student prepare report again and submit , instructor check it again , student have 3 chances to improve and submit their report.

Final Presentation

After approval of final report , student prepare final presentation according to vu given template and submit in vulms.

Final viva voce Exam

After final term exams student call for viva voce exam in vu campus. Viva Exam will through video conferencing. During viva student present presentation file, instructors ask questions about their project/internship analysis , conclusions, recommendation if student answer properly , student pass successfully. If student fail to answer, they give another chance for viva.