Tips for VU Final Project Report Writing

Although every report is custom-made for the VU Final Project Report it represents, some conventions of report format are universal. These conventions have developed over a long period of time, and they represent a consensus about what parts are necessary to a good research report and how they should be ordered. The consensus is not an inviolable law, though. Each report writing book suggests its own unique format and every report writer has to pick and choose the parts and the order that work best for the project at hand. Many companies and universities also have an in-house, suggested report formats or writing guides that researchers should be aware of.

Report format: The general plan of organization for the parts of a written or oral research report. The researchers tailor the format to the project. The format of a research report may need adjustment for two reasons: (1) to obtain the proper level of formality and (2) to decrease the complexity of the report. We shall look at the most formal type i.e. a report for a large project done within an organization or one done by a research agency for a client company. This sort of report is usually bound with a permanent cover and may be hundreds of pages long.

Students who are writing a thesis shall have to follow the format requirements of the university where they shall be submitting it. Thesis format is little different, and it shall be explained as we proceed.

  • Prefatory parts

  1. 1.      Title fly page
  2. 2.      Title page
  3. 3.      Letter of transmittal
  4. 4.      Letter of authorization
  5. 5.      Table of contents
  6. 6.      Executive summary
  • Main body

  1. 1.      Introduction
  2. 2.      Methodology
  3. 3.      Results
  4. 4.      Conclusions and recommendations
  5. 5.      References
  • Appended parts

  1. 1.      Data collection forms (questionnaires, checklist, interview guide, other forms)
  2. 2.      Detailed calculations
  3. 3.      General tables
  4. 4.      Other support material
  5. 5.      Bibliography, if needed 

Data Processing and Data Analysis

In the research design the researcher is required to tell how the data shall be processed (manually, mechanically), and analysis plans explicated. In case the qualitative data are to be quantifies the procedures should be spelled out. The procedures for the construction of score Indexes, if any, should be explained.


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