It is aforementioned that science may be a method of knowing “that our goal ought to be to impart scientific habits of mind” which learning should be learner targeted and adjusted towards method (Jane Maienschein, 2004). The phrase „science as the simplest way of knowing and science as a process‟ carry the conviction that science ought to be learned by doing. a considerable agreement had developed among investigators of „giftedness‟
that associate setting that encourages inquiry provides the simplest opportunities for all students to be told (Brand wein and Passow, 1989). The role of the laboratory is therefore, thought-about central for effective instruction. If opportunities area unit created available to any or all students with acceptable skills and interest they’ll determine themselves with scientific activities with associate acceptable degree of challenge (Brand wein and Passow, 1989). Inquiry is taken to be sensible as a result of it stimulates all students. on the other hand laboratories, appear vital so as to permit those “students with the appropriate skills and interests” to require up the knowledge domain. (Jane, Maienschein, 2004).

Unsatisfactory working condition of equipment in science laboratory

Science laboratories area unit the backbone of teaching sensible activities. it’s terribly troublesome to show still as learn science sensible activities within the absence of science laboratories. Learning science larger and therefore the understanding level is best once students area unit concerned within the laboratory for sensible experiments (Anderson, 2007; Hofstein & Lunetta, 2004). once science laboratories area unit effectively used for teaching and learning method, it improves students ability and skills that include: ability to create scientifically homeward queries, ability to formulate hypothesis, ability to style experiments, ability to undertake scientific experiments, ability to formulate and editing scientific enlightenments, and skill to converse and defend scientific arguments (Hofstein, Navon, Kipnis, & Mamlok-Naaman, 2005)(Akçayir, Akçayir, Pektaş, & Ocak, 2016). Hence, laboratory could be a important resource input for teaching science and is a very important predictor of educational action besides alternative factors. However, the supply of resource inputs has no worth for the attainment of educational objectives as till they’re effectively utilised in teaching learning process(Glewwe, Hanushek, Humpage, & Ravina, 2013) (Dahar & Faize, 2011)

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