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Scientific research focuses on solving problems and pursues a step by step logical, organized, and rigorous method to identify the problems, gather data, analyze them, and draw valid conclusions therefrom. Because of the rigorous way in which it is done, scientific research provides empirical and objective results which also have the characteristic of generalizability.

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Think from the angle of a researcher; discuss and generate sufficient number of arguments in favor or against the following statement: In order to get exact and error free results, a researcher should conduct investigations that are 100% scientific. is receiving lot request about GDB solution for spring 2013 due to mid term examination. management has decided to provide research method GDB solution for idea only by keeping in view all university terms. The main objective of this situation based learning Graded Discussion Board was to enable the students to have an understanding of Scientific Research and its application.  During evaluation it was found that, overall almost all students have participated in this GDB. Only those students who were having the clear understanding towards these concepts, therefore have got excellent marks. There are many students who misunderstood the concept and attempted it in a generic way; therefore awarded marks accordingly. At the same time it was found that many of the students also copied from different blogs, internet pages, from other students and some other sources. As a result, they have got “Zero” marks. It is important to note that most of these sources misguided you as well as provided you the wrong solution of GDB. So, it is better to use your own skill, knowledge and keep away from all cheating links especially from different VU blogs.

Please note that students who have fully copied from the above mentioned links; have been mostly graded as zero. Students who have applied their own skills and creativity by confining themselves in the case; got good marks. I really appreciate the efforts, eagerness, curiosity and commitment of all those students who attempted this discussion seriously with their own understanding.

In the end, you are advised to watch all the video lectures on regular basis before attempting any activity. Furthermore you will be strongly discouraged if you will post any copied material from any source like different blogs available on internet, handouts and other helping material. You may take help from these sources but you are not supposed to copy the same material in your assignments and GDBs; as the main purpose of any assignment/GDB is to understand the basic concepts about the particular topic rather than copying it from the websites.

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 It all depends on in which area researcher is conducting research. If a research is related to physical sciences, it is possible to conduct 100% scientific investigation because in physical sciences no feelings, emotions, or attitudes are included. Just as in the physical sciences, an explanation at one level (such as, for example, explanation of the behavior of gases in terms of pressure and temperature) can be correct and informative even when the phenomena can also be explained at a “deeper” level (as when the behavior of gases is explained in terms of molecular motion).

  • In the management and behavioral areas, it is not always possible to conduct investigations that are 100% scientific, it is not like the physical sciences, and the results obtained will not be exact and error-free. This is because of the difficulties encountered in the measurement and collection of data in the subjective areas of feelings, emotions, attitudes, and perceptions. Due to the nature of the subject matter of the social sciences, it is rather very difficult to apply the scientific method of research rigorously and that is why the predictions made by the social researchers are not as dependable as the predictions made by the natural scientists.

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