STA630 Research Method GDB 01 Online Solution 2014

STA630 Research Method GDB 01 Online Solution 2014

STA 630 Research Method GDB 01 Problems and Solution spring 2014 last date for submission Is May 07, 2014

Scientific research focuses on solving problems and pursues a step by step logical, organized, and rigorous method to identify the problems, gather data, analyze them, and draw valid conclusions therefrom. Because of the rigorous way in which it is done, scientific research provides empirical and objective results which also have the characteristic of generalization.

STA630 GDB 01 2014 Point of discussion
Think from the angle of a researcher; discuss and generate sufficient number of arguments in favor or against the following statement: In order to get exact and error free results, a researcher should conduct investigations that are 100% scientific.

STA630 Research Method GDB 01 2014 Solution.

Generalization refers to the scope of applicability of the research findings in one organization setting to other settings. perceptibly, the wider the range of applicability of the solutions generated by research, the more useful the research is to the users. If a researcher’s findings that participation in decision making enhances organizational commitment are found to be true in a variety of manufacturing, industrial, and service organizations, and not merely in the particular organization studied by the research.

Some Obstacles To Conducting Scientific Research In The Management Area

In the management and behavioral areas, it is not always possible to conduct investigations that 100% scientific, it is not like the physical Sciences, the results obtained will not be exact and error-free. This is because of the difficulties encountered in the measurement and collection of data in the subjective areas of feelings, emotions, attitudes, and perceptions.



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