STA630 Business Research Method Assignment Fall 2014

In a classroom, a student presented his research paper. Once QA session started after the completion of the presentation, one of the students raised an objection on the study. The student objected the presenter that the hypotheses he presented are not valid as these are not derived from any theory. The hypotheses should have been linked with some theoretical framework to provide an explanation of event or phenomenon. The teacher intervened by saying that both of you are right and the difference is that both of you are thinking in different contexts. The students got surprised by the comment of teacher that how is it possible that two persons are right at the same time?

You as a student of research methodology build your arguments to justify your point of view with logic and to support the person who according to you is right (presenter, student, or teacher).

Special Instructions

· Give precise justification and reply should not exceed more than 150 words.

· Build your own argument based on your learning of Research Methods and do not use any cheating link.


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