Sample Projects & Proposals

Students of Virtual University of Pakistan could download Sample Projects & Proposals which have been prepared by our business experts.

  1. Project In PHP for CS619
  2. Accepted Project Proposal (Ratio Analysis for Banking Companies)
  3. MKT619 Final Project on New Product Launch
  4. MKT619 Final project on New Product development
  5. HRM619 International final project
  6. Final project the impact of reward on employee motivation HR approved
  7. FIN619 Project Proposal on Fauji Fertilizer Co
  8. HRM619 Proposal Project (HRM) on training and development
  9. FIN619 Project on Mezan & Faisal Bank (Finance)
  10. Project on Software (cs619) by
  11. Financial Feasibiltiy Samply for Finance Students of Virtual University!!
  12. HRM619 Approved Proposal for HR (Ghazali Education Trust)
  13. FIN619 Project proposal of Habib Bank
  14. HRM619 accepted project proposal available
  15. FIN619 APA Project Proposal – Finance
  16. FIN619 Accepted Project Proposal for MBA Finance
  17. FIN619 project sample of Accepted Proposal
  18. FINI619- Pass internship report on ban king sector
  19. FIN619 Financial Statement Analysis-Complete Project Work
  20. BANKING-FINAL PROJECT prepared by
  21. FIN619 finance passed proposal
  22. FIN619 Project Proposal for MBA (Finance) (Passed)
  23. Final Project of FIN619 2014
  24. FIN619 Financial Management Project on Engro and Fauji Ration Ana
  25. FIN619 Financial Management Project on Shahzad Textile Mills Ltd
  26. FIN619 Finance Project on Mehmood Textile Mills Ltd
  27. FIN619 Finance Project on Gilitte Pakistan Limited 2013-2014
  28. FIN619 Finance Project on Fauji Fertilizer Company 2014
  29. FIN619 Finance Project on ATLAS HONDA LIMITED 2014
  30. FIN619 Finance Project on Allawasaya textile mills LTD
  31. HRM619 Final Project HR on Pak Engro Chemical
  33. FIN619 Sample Final Project (VU required format) 2014
  35. FIN619 MBA Finance project writing services
  36. MKT619 Marketing Project launching new product
  37. HRM619 Final HRM Project on Telenor
  38. HRM619 HR Project Presentation Sample
  39. HRM619 HR Sample Final Project (VU required format and writing services)
  40. HRM619 HR Proposal Sample and format
  41. MKT619 Final project on Effective Consumer preference of International brands over local brand
  42. MKT619 Final project on Brand Management Project on Exporting Basmati Rice
  43. MKT619 Brand Management Project on Bank Alflah
  44. MKT619 Final project Analysis of Marketing Plan of TAPAL TEA
  45. FIN619 Final project on Assets and Liabilities Management Project
  46. MKT619 Final Project on Segmenting a Market
  47. MKT619 Final project on pricing new products project
  48. MKT619 final project marketing pricing new product project
  49. MKT619 Final project marketing on Paint Industry Analysis
  50. MKT619 Final project on skin and beauty care products project
  51.  FIN619 final project on ratio analysis of Meezan bank project sample

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