Rewards OR Recognition and Motivation

This research is being withheld to know the reward and recognition on employee motivation level at Mobily Saudi Arabia. The esteem importance of employee motivation cannot be overthrown and reward and recognition system has been the top priority to enhance their motivation. Only those companies flourish who give time and efforts to their employees and improve their reward & recognition system. The reward & recognition system is set to see the feedback obtained from employees and meet the deficiencies in their system and improving it to enhance the employee productivity.

This research has used the simple random sampling technique and the data obtained is measured by mean test evaluation and correlation. Simple random sampling is the best and provides ease of handling the questionnaire to gather the data while mean test evaluation is the easiest to understand and interpret the data.From this research, it has been observed that majority of respondents have selected agreed option for given questionnaire.

Variables Mean Value
Salary 4.316666667
Annual Bonus 4.283333333
Other benefits 4.311904762
Total 4.303968254
Symbolic Recognition 4.25
Formal Recognition 4.558333333
Informal Recognition 4.436666667
Empowerment 4.330952381
Total 4.393988095
Motivation 4.344444444

The mean test value for motivation is 4.34 which show that respondents have selected agreed option for the given statement of the questionnaire that as a whole they really like their job, if they got money by any means they will quit their job, the time spent in coffee breaks, lunch and vacations is the best part of their job, they enjoy thinking about their job when they are not at job, the work they do is important to them, their job is just a way to make living, they enjoy taking new responsibilities in their job, they enjoy thinking of ways to improve their work and their organization makes it easier to accomplish their work.