Research Methods(STA630) Assignment # 2 2012

Research Methods(STA630) Assignment # 2 Spring  2012


Federal government took notice of the complaints of females about difficulty in promotions to top positions in government organizations. The project to conduct a research to find out the actual situation is assigned to your research institute.


Director of your institute, elaborating the project, defined the phenomenon of difficulty in getting promotion to top positions told that “this is called glass ceiling because this is invisible barrier (glass) through which women can see the top positions but cannot gain them.” The decision was to take ten government owned companies across the country for research.


He also provided a sheet containing the data of these companies. Important data are given below:


Please read the following instructions carefully before preparing the assignment solution: • Read the scenario given carefully and apply your knowledge to solve this assignment • Fill the table provided in word file • Send your assignment ONLY in file template provided • File received in format other than provided template will be graded ZERO • Consult recommended book • Copy and pasting will not be tolerated in any case.

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