Recruitment and selection practices in naubahar bottling company

HRM619 Final project on Recruitment and Selection Practices In Naubahar Bottling Company

Research author:    Mian aamir
Course code:-         HRM619 Final Project Recruitment and selection practices 
Year                           2013


Recruitment and selection practices of selected organization. At the earliest, I would like to thank Allah Almighty who is the most gracious, most merciful and who has bestowed us with such a worthwhile life and chance to be effective contributor in this world. Subsequently, I would like to say thanks to my Instructors who have conferred an immense and spectacular opportunity to exploit in the form of this task as a source of extensive learning that will alleviate us to be unique and differentiated among others in the practical life ahead. I am also thankful to all people to whom cooperation helped me in successful compilation of the whole task.

Naubahar bottling company ltd. (NBC) is one of the nine franchises of “Pepsi Cola international” in Pakistan. Naubahar bottling Co Ltd. (NGC) was established in 1972 and at first it was involved in the business of manufacturing and marketing of Coca-Cola. Later on 1980 it achieved of Pepsi Cola International and started manufacturing bunnies with Pepsi Cola in May 27, 1981. Naubahar bottling company is the largest beverages company in Pakistan.

Descriptions of the Project title i.e. what this project is all about?

This project will describe the recruitment and selection practices of manpower taken up by the Naubahar Bottling Company Ltd (NBC) and will also highlight the systematic procedures adopted by the  Company about the selection criterion of the manpower.

This project will also thrash light on different aspects related to hiring of manpower in the organization and will present analytic study of how the whole process of selection and recruitment is made in accordance with the organization’s requirements under prescribed rules and regulations. This will also present a picture of employees set up in the organization and will elaborate the working of the organization in context of the working of manpower in the organization.

Rationale-Why this research is needed ?

This research is vigorously needed taking into account the importance of employee selection process in an organization’s set up. Any institution cannot work properly if the concept of selection process is not properly implemented. This type of research on Hiring process provides an insight into the improvements of an organization’s total output and also hints at those hidden areas which deteriorate the efficiency and working of the organization.

Unless and until an organization do not have the capability and capacity to run, foresee and demonstrate promptly and swiftly to achieve its targets and goals, the organization remains a nonprofit and worthless organization and in this context, research on this important topic under study is very much essential in considering the growth, total output and efficiency of the organization. I think, without having a valid recruitment system prevails in any system, it is just like a useless mechanical device which is irrelevant to the organization needs.

This type of research is essential in bringing into surface those grey areas of the industry which will highlight the slow working, declining market trends and focusing on the downstream of employees under the ownership of owners personals desires of output against working norms.

 Recruitment and Selection Practices

The study of the topic under discussion shows that the hiring of new skilled manpower in the Naubahar Bottling Company has been an essential part in the laid down structure of the company and owes greater importance in the functioning of the organization with respect to its business strategy and overall output.

The aim of this research was to examine the recruitment and selection system of Naubhar bottling company. This study will gather the data from the employees with the help of structured questionnaires by using convenience sampling technique. In fact recruitment is the process of identifying that the organization needs to employ someone up to the point in which application form for post have arrived at the organization.  Selection then consists of the processes involved in selecting from applicants a suitable candidate to fill a post.  The advantages of internal recruitment are enclosed the following:-

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