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Reasons for failure in MKT619 Project Proposal

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Main Reasons For Failure in MKT619 Project Proposal

Dear students

We have seen most of the Students failed in MKT619 Final Project Proposal due to non availability of  instructor proper guidlines or others reasons. Some of the common reasons are under blelw with solution

MKT619-Project Proposal Mistakes

  1. A general topic is selected which is often NOT related to area of specialization (marketing)
  2. A well known company/brand is NOT usually chosen
  3. The specific and appropriate format of project/dissertation is NOT followed
  4. Copied/plagiarized work is provided
  5. The objectives are not related to the topic, are ambiguous,or incomplete.
  6. The primary and secondary data sources mentioned by the students are wrong
  7. The sample size are not given
  8. The software used to process and analyze data is not mentioned in the Data Processing and Analysis section.

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