Project Report Measuring the job satisfaction at Attock Petroleum Ltd

HRM619 VU Final Project Measuring the job satisfaction at Attock Petroleum Ltd

We are offering our service for writing HRM619 Final Project on methods of measuring job satisfaction at Attock Petroleum LTD of Virtual university of Pakistan. Our writers are very professional for writing VU Final Project and VU Project Proposal. For survey has constructed some job satisfaction questionnaires to collect the data from the Attock Petroleum employees.

Methods of measuring job satisfaction

  1. 1.     Introduction to Project
  2. 2.     Selection of Variables for research
  3. 3.     Writing Project objectives
  4. 4.     Writing your Project significance
  5. 5.     Searching secondary data and their citation
  6. 6.     Research design and its classification
  7. 7.     Exploratory research design(qualitative marketing research)
  8. 8.     Descriptive research design
  9. 9.     Measurement and scaling
  10. 10.   Sampling procedures
  11. 11.    Sampling technique
  12. 12.   Designing a good research questionnaires
  13. 13.   Data analysis and data preparation and data clearing
  14. 14.    Descriptive and inferential statistics
  15. 15.   Data analysis and data interpretation
  16. 16.   Correlation and regression
  17. 17.   Testing the difference between means
  18. 18.   Report writing
  19. 19.   Components of research report
  20. 20.   Conclusion
  21. 21.   Recommendation
  22. 22.   Citations of reference in report
  23. 23.   Limitation


HRM619 Final Project on measuring the job satisfaction and job satisfaction questionnaires are available with all analysis.  Please let us know about your interest. 



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