Project of profitability Ratio analysis of Lucky,DG,Fauji cement


The basic aim of this study was to analyze the selected company’s financial performance with the help of profitability ratio analysis. Profitability ratios can be used to measure the any company performance. Therefore this study has taken three companies named lucky cement, DG and Fauji cement in this regards. The other aim of this analysis was to know the ability of selected companies to earn profit over a period of time and also analyze the selected company’s efficiency in managing their resources for generating profit.

With the help of this analysis, investors can take wise decision before taking any decision regarding to investment. All the mentioned companies also improve their weak areas by seeing the ratio result.

In order to access all the mentioned objective, this study has collected the data from their official websites and have been measured and all the calculation have been done excel sheet.

Profitability ratio analysis purpose

The purpose of this project is to analyze the financial statement of three  companies in same industry in terms of their profitability ratio. I selected listed companies for this project from cement industry which are mentioned below.

  1. ü  Fauji Cement Company Limited.
  2. ü  Lucky Cement  Ltd.
  3. ü  D G Khan Cement Ltd

Project profitability ratio analysis outcomes

By completion of this report, I shall be capable to make decision regarding investing and funding in any listed company through the analysis of profitabity ratio.. This report will helpful to strength better understanding of corporate finance and making rational decision to keep myself in the shoes of finance manager because I am a student of MBA and doing specialization in finance. This project will give me fruitful benefits in my academic and practical life as well.

Profitability ratios are a convenient way to summarize large quantities of financial data and to compare firm’s performance. They enable investors to take a unique look at the inner workings of companies – but do not substitute for a crystal ball. They won’t tell you all of the company’s innermost secrets nor will they answer all of your questions. They will, however, give you a firm foundation to build your analysis and subsequent investment decisions.

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