Project on the factors which motivate the employees in Retail industry Hyperstar In Pakistan

HRM619 Final Project To Investigate The Factors Which Motivate The Employees In Retail Industry-Hyperstar
In Pakistan

Research by Mian aamir

Area of research (Lahore)

Year (2013)


The retail industry – Hyperstar Pakistan has a very dynamic and vibrant business environment in Pakistan therefore to stay abreast of the challenges organizations in the retail sector are required to have a sound strategic management approach towards their business. One of these strategic issues is perhaps the proper development of the Human Resources channel. The human resource department ensures the sound functioning of the business by taking human perspective into account. Motivation is one such crucial perspective since it is directly related to performance variables such as employee performance, employee productivity, employee efficiency, job satisfaction etc. According to Wikipedia motivation is the activation or generalization of goal-oriented behavior.

Therefore to address this issue within the retail industry I have selected Hyperstar Pakistan Organization and divided their management into three levels to investigate the motivation level between the all levels of employees. Which are Strategic management group, operational management group and tactical management group. The organization selected does not have proper motivational programs primarily due to the lack of skilled human resource personnel.

The national retail companies in Pakistan are not only faced with intense competition from multinational corporations but also from the increasing number of domestic retail corporations. Thus for the organizations to sustain economies of scale, cost optimizations and competitive advantages within the industry the development and motivation of human personnel is as essential as survival itself. The more motivated the work force is the more optimum are the results and less is the loss of financial capital. The significance of this project is that it aims at the process of eradication of hidden costs with do not appear in the financial statements, by improving the performance and productivity of the human capital by employing Motivation as its tool.

Factors which motivate the employees

After finishing my research and congregating the whole data and bringing together in to structure form, it is observed that total mean value of this Survey is 4.455882353. This mean value shows that the response of the employees goes to agree and they doing their job satisfactorily, they don’t have any idle time and they are aware of their mistakes in work and they are approached by management in decision making regarding their work and their jobs are secure under normal circumstances. In other words its shows that the employees of the Hyperstar are happy with the working content in the organization because it proves by survey’s result, the mean value which is 4.45.

Survey works showed that employees of Hyperstar are satisfied and agree with their working conditions as the mean value of 4.42777778 states. They are not getting overloaded by work and can spare some time to get social with their colleagues. Hence the working condition of Hyperstar is appreciable by getting the value of 4.4278.

Survey works shows the mean value of 4.258333333 on account of Personal questions and they agree to them. They are working in best suited departments to them according to their skills, knowledge and education. Hence Hyperstar is providing individuals with personal achievements at a good rate of 4.2583.

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Qualification:- M.Phil ((Business Administration)
Research Experience:- Experiences include data collection in qualitative research and quantitative research, data analysis at SPSS and excel sheet,report writing and presentation of findings.

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