Pass Fini619 Internship Report on MCB

 Pass Fini619 Internship Report on MCB


I dedicate all my efforts and struggle of educational life to my beloved parents who support assist and guide me throughout my educational life, without them I am meaningless. Further I dedicate the work of this report to my respectable and honorable teachers who teach me support me and develop my Personality as a competent professional.


First of all I thank Allah, who is the holder of my breaths, without his order nothing is possible.

I am highly thankful to my respectable teachers and friends and family members who were my supporter throughout my educational career, further I thank all the employees of the branch MCB bank Limited, where I have done my internship.

I have set light, an ever-burning flame of gratitude and deep sense of obligation to my honorable teachers of Department of Business Management Sciences for their valuable guidance, constructive criticism and inspiring attitude during my studies. I appreciate and thanks to all the member of the faculty. Besides, this internship program makes me realize the value of working together as a team and as a new experience in working environment, which challenges us every minute. Not forget, great appreciation go to the rest of MCB’s staff that helped me from time to time during the project. The whole program really brought us together to appreciate the true value of friendship and respect of each other.

Last words are lacking to express my feelings and indebtedness to my affectionate Family and Friends for their love, appreciations, which always stand by me mentally and spiritually during all years of my study.

Executive Summary:

MCB is one of the leading banks of Pakistan with a deposit base of Rs. 368 Billion and total assets over Rs.500 Billion. Incorporated in 1947, MCB soon earned the reputation of a solid and conservative financial institution managed by expatriate executives. In 1974, MCB was nationalized along with all other private sector banks.

MCB bank is doing the day and night struggle to achieve its purposes. It tries to control its expenses and increase its efficiency and effectiveness. It is introducing the innovative concept of centralized foreign trade services to branches with a view to improve efficiency, expertise and reduce delivery cost.

During my internship at MCB, I worked in remittance, advances, cash, deposits, customer service office department and I successfully completed all the tasks/duties that were assigned to me. I also performed different functions in all departments as a whole.


 Table of Contents



Scanned Copy Of Undertaking Letter


Scanned Copy Of Internship Certificate






Executive Summary


Brief Introduction Of Organization Business Sector


  • History Of Banking InPakistan



Introduction Of The Organization’s


  • Brief History
  • Awards Of MCB
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values


Organizational Hierarchy Charts


Business Volume


Product & Service:





  • Account Opening Department
  • Remittance Department
  • Clearing Department
  • Deposit Department
  • ATM Department
  • Foreign Exchange Department
  • Technology Department


Brief Introduction Of The Branch


Starting And Ending Dates Of InternshipNames Of The Departments


Training Program


Ratio analysis


  • Liquidity Ratio
  • Leverage Ratio
  • Profitability Ratios
  • Activity Ratios
  • Market Ratios


Future prospects of the Organization






Reference & Sources used                  66




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