New Policies for Commonwealth MBA Projects for Executive

New Policies for AIOU Col  MBA Projects for Executive

It is to inform all Executive COL MBA students that HEC has changed project policies for Allama Iqbal Open University Executive COL MBA making the project more challenging and difficult for the students to manage their synopsis and research project. With the introduction of new policies students synopsis rejection rate has significantly increased the reason behind rejection is that students fails to follow the complete format required for synopsis by HEC and AIOU COL MBA PROJECTS guidelines, students usually copy material from webpages and other projects which is plagiarism and hence their synopsis are rejected. All COL MBA students are now required to submit their synopsis and projects according to the new policies, the alterations in the policies are as follows:-

  • Research performed should be 100% authentic and should include all technical aspects of a research.
  • Data should be collected by the students physically conducting a real world survey.
  • Only 15% of material is allowed to be copied that too from AIOU digital library.
  • Synopsis Introduction should be 10-15 pages long and authentic material is required students who fail to ignore this rule will result in rejection of synopsis.
  • All research resources should be only from HEC Digital Library or AIOU Digital Library.
  • Tools and variables to be included in project should be from previous researches found in the above mentioned digital libraries, students are required to include these tools and provide references.
  • Questionnaires from previous researches available in HEC and AIOU Digital Library will be allowed to be used in real time data collection.
  • Literature review should be 10-15 pages long and summary is required at the end of literature review. Summary should include which tools were used and why?
  • Use of Microsoft Excel is prohibited for data analysis.
  • SPSS should be used to data analysis, every variable needs to calculated and interpreted.
  • All projects as long as two months are liable to the new policies and students are required to update their projects accordingly.

A student at AIOU already faced difficulties with their COL MBA projects and the updated polices has increased their perils. provides help to COL MBA students at affordable prices. If a willing student contacts us for help, we will provide the student with topic lists from which a student can select a topic for synopsis and project. The synopsis and project will now take 2 to 2.5 months as the new policies require extensive research and data collection. Within the given time period we will provide you with a complete COL MBA Research project.  After synopsis approval we will use tools and variables for data collection, then a survey will be performed physically, the questionnaires will be filled 100% by respondents.

We guarantee you a plagiarism free project if you find anything copied in our work then you can challenge us with your claim. A valid and 100% true research will be conducted using SPSS. Due to change in HEC rules it will take 2-2.5 months. The overall project will cost 30,000 and this price is not NEGOTIABLE AT ALL.  Willing students will are required to pay 50% before  submission of synopsis and 50% after approval of submitted synopsis.

 Contact us through email first, please email us with a valid email and working phone number and also provide us details of your COL MBA. If any student needs a project on fast track basis then price will be different, for this student needs to contact us with their COL MBA Project duration and completion time of COL MBA Project.


Our services include any improvement required by COL MBA supervisor as many times as required. Interested students are required to email us with their valid contact number and COL MBA duration and completion date as well. Students should keep in mind that PRICE IS NON NEGOTIABLE, but if minimum 5 projects are submitted then the price will be negotiable. Only soft copies will be provided we are not responsible for printing and lamination of the COL MBA project. Student Privacy is our utmost priority we guarantee that all information any student shares will be kept in complete confidence and no information about a student will be shared with anyone for any purposes.


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