MKT619 Proposal on Pricing Strategies

Pricing Strategies 

Introduction.. 6

1.1 Introduction of the project 6

1.2 Background of the project 6

1.3 Company’s introduction. 7

1.5 Objectives of the project 9

1.6 Significance of the project 10

2.1 Marketing mix of Honda (CD 70) 10

2.2 Market segmentation strategies of Honda. 15

2.3 Target marketing strategies of Honda. 16

2.4 Pricing objectives of the Honda. 17

2.5 Product mix pricing strategies. 17

2.6 Price adjustment strategies. 17

2.7 Price changes. 18

2.8 Inflating price changes: 18

2.9 Competitor’s reactions to price changes: 18

2.10 Company’s responses to price changes: 18

Competitor Analysis (Yamaha ) 19

3.1 Introduction of Yamaha. 19

3.3 Market Segmentation: 21

3.4 Target Market 22

3.5 Yamaha (dhoom) Pricing Strategy. 22

3.6 Pricing Objectives. 22

3.7 Price changes. 23

3.8 Inflating price changes: 23

3.9 Competitor’s reactions to price changes: 23

3.10 Company’s responses to price changes: 23

Research Methodology.. 24

4.1 Data Collection Sources. 24

4.1.2        Secondary sources of data collection. 24

4.2 Data Collection tools. 24

4.3 Subjects/Participants. 24

4.3.1 Sample size. 25

4.3.2 Sampling technique. 25

Data processing and Data analysis. 25

Summary.. 51

Conclusion, recommendations and limitations: 52

Conclusion, 52

Recommendation. 54

  1. a) Introduction of the student 55
  2. b) Appendix/Appendixes. 55
  3. c) Bibliography. 58

As we know that Price is one of the vital and important aspects of the marketing mix. Every company could get a competitive edge over its rival in the fiercest of competitive business worlds it constitutes the major factors which every company must take into account while devising its marketing strategy. Due to companies effective Price Strategy it gain maximum profit as well as customers satisfaction. There are many different pricing strategy are now used by the companies to get market share. This study wills is also show you how companies employed Pricing strategy over its competitors. Study will be done between Honda Motorcycle (CD 70) and Yamah, after study readers will be enable to understand how both companies are using Price strategy  how to companies are attracting customers with effective price strategy, is that price line to customers satisfaction .

Price is now very important element in marketing mix that help to gain more Profits, and more customers if pricing strategy would be effective, because price affect the customer behavior, attitude, and purchasing manners, so if the price would be the line to the customer’s satisfaction then it will generate more benefits for companies. This study is also going to conduct for getting clear pictures about price strategy. This study will go around selected two companies named Honda Motorcycle and Yamaha.

This projects them to do research on both companies pricing strategies and customers perception over this price. In the project this study will try to identify is the price of two brands matches to customer’s satisfaction because my project also aims to comparative analysis of two leader brands Honda Motorcycle and Yamaha. So through out the project we will do analysis over the both companies price strategy and customer preference. We know that when customers purchase company product he or she spend huge amount of money so is price match to customer satisfaction? For getting customers view over companies price, for core result and finding in study a survey will conducted in the market and some questionnaires will also be given to both companies customers.

  1. Get clear pictures about Price Strategy after this study
  2. To understand both companies Price strategy and customers satisfaction
  3. Enable to understand various factors, that affect the Price as well as customers
  4. Data will help to both companies, to improve affected areas

Only questionnaires was used for collection data because it is easy to get from the both companies customers, Qualitative research was used for this study .

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