MKT619 Proposal on Comparison of Advertising strategies

Advertising strategies

Advertising is very important tools from the market mix, no one company could ignore because it is very useful for promoting product features as well as delivering relevant information to people.  Without correct advertising strategy company might competitive advantage. Lot studies it’s been observed that those corporations might compete over the competitors, those adopt effective market strategy. nowadays is age of competition, each company wish to get high sales revenue and a lot of and a lot of customers further, therefore it will solely potential for adopting properly advertising methodology. In Pakistan Coca cola and Pepsi each are market leader, Therefore this study is additionally getting to conduct over each company advertising strategy. the explanation behind this study to research to seek out how advertisement affects the client call, and what the customer’s perceptions towards explicit company advertisement are. Within the next returning page, you may see that comparison regarding each corporation advertising methods how they use their ads for attract the purchasers towards its product.

On the base on percentage analysis, you can see the most ratio of above analysis is high and that is 55 % respondents of Coca Cola have selected Agree option, 39 % respondents have selected strongly agree option, according to them the Ad of Coca Cola is much informative, now you can see the finding of Pepsi cola whereas you can see that on average 38 %  respondents have selected agree and strongly options its mean they are saying that the ads of Pepsi Cola much informative but on the other side you can see that on average 60 % respondents from Pepsi Cola are selected disagree and strongly disagree options, it mean they are not agree with above statement, and according to their interest they are saying the ad of Pepsi Cola is less informative.

On the base on percentage analysis and displaying the above question response value on table and graph, you can see that 40 % respondents are selected strongly agree option and 32 % respondents are selected agree option, by selecting these option, these respondents of Coca cola are sharing their views that the ad message of Coca Cola ads are very clear to understand and only 10 % respondents are denied this statement. Whereas you can see that 27 % respondents from Pepsi cola have selected Agree option and 15 % respondents are selected strongly agree options, according to their opinion the message in Pepsi cola are clear to understand. But 41 % respondents have refused this statement as they consider it is not clear to understand.

As per above analysis, 60 % respondents of Coca have selected Agree option and 22 % respondents have selected strongly agree option, by selecting both option they are saying that Frequency of ads of Coca cola is much appropriate to them. Now we can see Pepsi cola finding, all the values are presenting true response by the respondents against this question. You can see that 27 % respondents are selected Agree option and 13 % respondents have selected strongly option, according to their views, they are saying that frequency of ads of Pepsi cola is appropriate to them. But on the other side you can see that on average 43 % respondents from Pepsi cola are found disagree and strongly disagree that Pepsi Cola ads frequency are not appropriate to them.

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