MKT619 Project Proposal

MKT619 Project Proposal
MKT619 Project Proposal

MKT619 Project Proposal Guidelines and Latest Sample

Are you looking for MKT619 Projec Proposal writing services? of virtual university of Pakistan as per given MKT619 project proposal format? Then look no further offers complete MKT619 Marketing research proposal templates followed by VU final project according to Marketing research topics. MKT619 Final Projects are an integral part of degree requirements but writing a marketing research proposal for a project is a tedious task with a lot of hard work and risk of rejection by the Instructor, these proposals should not be taken lightly as they are important for your career.

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 MKT619 Project Proposal Topics for the year 2021-2022

  • Comparison of product strategies
  • Comparison of brand loyalty
  •  Comparison of CRM strategies
  • Comparison of personality branding
  • Does personalities of celebrities match with the brands advertised
  • Factors behind effectiveness of advertising
  • Factors behind effectiveness of branding
  • Dimensions of brand personality
  • Brand as a source of competitive edge (Comparison of two brands
  •  Brand development process (Comparison of two brands)
  • Role of advertisement in brand image (Comparison of two brands)

List of MKT619 Project Proposal available for Fall 2021-22 (new)

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  1. need your guide line for project proposal, i have send you already email. kindly call me at earliest

  2. Dear Concern
    I have q query regarding the preparation and privacy of student. If the student have a much pressure and he wants partial or full service for the completion of project which starts from the submission of project till the Viva. So how you give the guarantee that this information will remain secure and it will not be in plagiarized list. In short it will how it will be 100 % free of Risk. I have a project of MKT619.


  3. Dear Sir,
    My MKT619 topic is marked as “Need for improvement” What does it mean whether my topic has been approved or else? Should I proceed on second phase and submit research proposal or first I will have to get my proposal approved. Kindly reply. If my topic is not approved then kindly let me know how to submit topic again. Thank you

    • Dear Rida
      Needs Improvement clearly indicates that your research thesis topic is not approved and you cannot proceed further to work on the second assignment. You are advised to improve your topic as per the guidelines given by your allocated supervisor and send the revised topic through email at so that i can give you feedback.

    • Dear Student,
      Select one of the following topics;

        · Consumer perception regarding in-store environment: A comparative study of two mega stores A & B.
        · Consumer perception with respect to product purchase decision: A comparative study of brand A, brand B (from the same product line).
        · Consumer perception with respect to Perceived Quality and Brand Association: A comparative study of brand A & brand B.
        · Consumer perception with respect to Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty: A comparative study of brand A & brand B.
        · Comparison of Brand loyalty and Customer satisfaction of Brand A & Brand B.
        · Comparison of Perceived quality and Store image of hyper markets.

      or Click here for whole list. MKT619 Project Proposal Topics

  4. Dear Sir,
    I hope you will be in a good State of Health.
    Please guide about the format of the proposal for the project. What’s important points are necessary for the Proposal of any Project. I was searched the format from Download section but i was not find any format regarding Proposal for the Project.

    • Dear Student,
      Proposal format is available on course LMS under Download section. Read the proposal format carefully and make the proposal accordingly

  5. dear sir
    i want to select topic consumer perception regarding in store environment comparative study of two mega stores (hyper stars and matro)

    please guide me

    comparison of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction of brand A&brand B(Uphone and Mobilinks)

    • Dear Shahid,
      Your first topic is approved. You are required to start preparing your research proposal as per the format of proposal available in Downloads section on LMS.

  6. dear sir,
    kindly tell me that I have to only inform you about the topic selection in the proposal assignment or I have to provide all other information such as “letter of undertaking”,”table of content”,”list of illustrations”.
    Tell me also that I have to provide brief information or only have to mentions the heading of topics above mentioned .

    • Dear,
      Basic purpose of research proposal is to have an idea about how your research project will be look like. You need to give concise and brief description of every important heading as per the format of proposal of project in Download section on LMS. View the format carefully and write it as per your title of research project

  7. AoA!
    Hope you are fine.
    its my final semester and i want your help In making Proposal and Final Project. will you help me free?
    If all of my work you will complete then how much will it cost?
    22nd is the Proposals Submission date.
    w8ng 4 ur reply.
    Kindly send me your cell#.

  8. Plz tell me your fee schedual and send me the project propsal of MKT 619

  9. Assalam o Alaikum

    This is Zahid form KSA. I need your guidance regarding MKT619 Final Project Marketing.
    Please send your fee schedule ( If possible to pay partially).
    Kindly note that there is very less time to send the proposal so please reply urgently I will send you the first part of your fee.

    Awaiting a soonest reply.

    Best Regards

  10. Dear Amir Sahib,


    With reference to our telephonic conversation, I am sending you the rejected proposal. Please make my proposal becasue university has rejected my proposal
    Please make a new one and we will meet tomorrow. InshaAllah.

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