Social Media Marketing Influence On Customer Loyalty towards Beauty Products

  1. Introduction of Project

It is clear to all that internet and very useful tools now a days, it influenced the human life in many ways through its useful function and features. The main agenda of internet is to eradicate the gap between people throughout the world and transfigure communication and information exchange in this field. Due to its unique characteristic, most of the companies now following the internet tools for their customers and earning revenue. With the help of unique strategies, companies now a days targeting their customers to selling online goods and services to retain the customers and to make them loyal towards their particular brand. Therefore internet has changed a capacity and statuses of the old rules (Simmons, 2007).  Internet social networks have been considered the most significant tools which are web that lead to melodramatic change in the social system throughout the world now a days.

It is also considered that social networks like online forum and communities are attention the people throughout the world due to their uniqueness features and functions. These online sites work based on online organization and each of them gets together a set of internet users with very special characteristic. Social network like social media that make it possible to access a new form of communication and content sharing on the internet. On the other hand brand is a very important and a summary of guide of identity, originality of the products. Therefore producing a brand in virtual space cannot be ignore (Kappherer, 2006).  It is also clear to all that customers brand loyalty motivate to a positive face to face advertising, creating substantial hindrances for opponent, energizing company in responding coming competitive threats, producing more sales and more revenue and declining customer’s sensitivity to challengers marketing efforts. (Matzler et al., 2008).

1.2 Background

Marketing activities are the first pillars of any economy in which economic opulence will return back to society but the performance in every stages of marketing is the most vital issue in this areas. According to literature market economy as well business marketing is as a rousing engine that could move economic gears therefore the smooth the process of dealing and manufacturing products.  (Kazemi et al., 2009).   Now a days brand management and brand strategy is considered as a marketing management areas with increasing importance when company implication their efforts toward transmitting intangible and intricate messages. First the most important issue that mostly managers encounter is how to provide and expand a good relationship among company and customers importantly customer’s loyalty towards brand and according to literature there are lot of factors which effect the customer’s loyalty in different ways. But with the help of internet, online forum and communities have mostly solved this areas of weakness, internet now consider a good way to improve company products or service with the help of quick feedback, comments, views, opinion and through this way company can directly observed what customers actually want and how they want.

According to literature customers loyalty is behavioral and attitudinal tendency to favor one brand over all others, whether due to satisfaction with company products and services (Dick & Basu, 2004).  According to Greenberg (2010), social media assist the company to increase customer’s loyalty when organization make information to be available for customers on demand, have online sources on their websites which customers could use to share information and socialize. Additionally mostly customers want transparency and authenticity from their peers and the companies they select to deal with (Greenberg, 2010, p. 411).

Therefore online forum and communities are great ways to increase customer’s retention and also make them loyal towards their brands. However it has been recorded that majority of the organization need not wait until customers are jumping ship. When it happens, companies mostly find themselves motocross to search different ways to retain those customers. So it has been approved that online forum and communities are best way to increase are key to retaining customers and strategies could be put in place well before a crisis has materialized. Stay close to customers, in the end, that what online customer’s forums and communities are all about.

Social media such as forums and online communities completing intelligently for each their members. Companies try to make content available to customers and they can easily search relevant information at the web. In order to provide relevant content, one could be exposed to lot of mental conflict towards brand and make them retain and loyal. Therefore online forum and communities referred the customers to buy products and services of the companies. It is also considered that online forums and communities, software grounds and relevant content between friends is another tools to engage the customers to brand in social media. On the other hand there is very serious advertising campaign to keep customers therefore most of the company interacts with their customers through online customer’s loyalty program through providing special advertisement. It is also possible to interact with cyber space via new system such as online forum and communities, emails, weblogs, chat rooms, instant message recording systems each of them provides a certain level interaction and motivate them to buy particular brand.

Customers loyalty is an almost dogmatic behavioral reaction in purchase process which one gains toward brand during the time and causes a certain trend toward brand in their decision making and evaluating the set of names they have in their mind. This reaction is a function of one’s psychological and subjective processes in dealing with products that are equal in all respects. Customers often choose brands which they are familiar with, respect and confirm it (Vazifehdoost et al., 2010). On the other side social platform are the designed to interact and circulate content on internet through social interaction, as they have very high accessibility and salable proliferation Technics have been used in them (Khaniki and Babaie, 2011).

1.4  Significance of the Study:-

This will benefit digital marketers because when they will ensure customer loyalty then satisfied customers will switch towards online shopping and this will benefit digital marketers. Readers will be able to understand how forums and online communities help the organizations to keep their customers loyal towards their brands. The research will also helpful for the companies who are doing online business and will know about the importance of social media, forums and communities and their roles to retain the customers towards brands. The research will also highlight some important ways to identifying the customers who seem unhappy and likely to turn to a competitor early on mans those customers concerns could be address efficiently and effectively.


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