MKT619-Final Project-Marketing Topics

MKT619-Final Project-Marketing Topics

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  1. Comparison of product strategies (Comparison of two brands)
  2. Compersion of advertising strategies   (Comparison of two brands)
  3. Comparison of brand loyalty(Comparison of two brands)
  4. Comparison of CRM strategies(Comparison of two brands)
  5. Comparison of personality branding(Comparison of two brands)
  6. Does personalities of celebrities match with the brands advertised(Comparison of two brands)
  7. Factors behind effectiveness of advertising(Comparison of two brands)
  8. Factors behind effectiveness of branding(Comparison of two brands)
  9. Dimensions of brand personality(Comparison of two brands)
  10. Brand as a source of competitive edge (Comparison of two brands
  11. Brand development process (Comparison of two brands)
  12. Role of advertisement in brand image (Comparison of two brands)

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  1. I am in last semester of MBA Executive. Here i have to submit project. I have query that can i get assistance from your professional team to make project. Also tell me the cost of project if you make it for me.

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