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MKT 703 Assignment # 1 Fall 2015

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 MKT 703 Strategic Marketing Management Assignment: # 01 Fall 2015

Due Date: December, 10, 2015     Total Marks 40

Task 1: Marks: 20 Please summarize the give article (Two Pages) entitled, “Strategic marketing and marketing strategy: domain, definition, fundamental issues and foundation premises by Rajan Varadarajan.” available on downloads section of VULMS.

Before attempting the Task # 1, Students are advised to read “How to Summarize a Research Article”, it is also available on downloads section of VULMS:

  1. How would you elaborate the choice of where to compete and the choice of how to compete with respect to organization’s decisions?
  2. Identify the research streams with a strategic focus from marketing literature. Any Five.
  3. Identify the Marketing resources expended by an organization? Any Three.
  4. Why societal focus is implicit in the context of not-for-profit organizations?




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