MKT619 Proposal on Factors behind effectiveness of branding

Branding effectiveness tests combining surveys and electronic tracking of online advertising are common, and the method is increasingly being utilized within more comprehensive, cross-media methodologies. The validity of these tests, however, has sometimes been called into question because of the short duration between online advertising exposure and survey taking. Using a unique database containing more than 1,600 online advertising campaigns, we find that there is a measurable but weak relationship between time since last exposure and branding effectiveness, indicating the shortness of duration does not have a substantial impact on the validity of these tests.

Branding strategy pursued by the companies is need to be evaluated for its effectiveness, it is being hypothesized that Brand Name Awareness, Brand Image, Corporate Image, Corporate Loyalty, and Brand Loyalty, account for measuring effectiveness of branding strategy. In this research paper second order factor analysis is used to test the contribution of these constructs toward effectiveness of branding strategy.

Research findings indicate that we can measure these constructs to assess the effectiveness of branding strategy. The hypothesis that the effectiveness of branding strategy could be explained by five factor viz. Brand Name Awareness, Brand Image, Corporate Image, Corporate Loyalty, and Brand Loyalty holds true and is accepted.

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