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MGT619 Project Proposal on following topics are available 2013

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MGT619 Project proposal management for Fall semester 2013 for Virtual university of Pakistan is available. Select your MGT619 project proposal topic of your choice.and send your topic through email.

  • Organizational climate and its relationship with employees motivation at XYZ company
  • Employees’ perception about organizational structure and its impact on employee’s productivity: A comparative study of the organizations
  • Leadership Styles and Organizational Effectiveness: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Organizations
  • Perceived level of commitment of top management regarding the TQM implementation
  • A comparative study of leadership styles in public and private sector
  • A comparative study of organizational effectives in private and public sector
  • Decision making styles: A comparative study of organizations
  • Assessing and identifying the dominant organizational culture of organization
  • Determining whether organization is a learning organization?
  • Determining Employee’s Readiness/Resistance to Change
  • Leadership Styles and Motivation: Testing Hygiene Factors of Herzberg Theory as Job Motivators.
  • Differences in Job Motivation among Female and Male Employees
  • Rewards OR Recognition as a Source of Motivation: An Analytical Study to find which source is important for Employees.
  • Organizational Diagnosis: A Case of XYZ organization.
  • What is the conflict management style of the organization: A perspective of employees.
  • Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Problem Solving Skills.
  • Top management Support in creating Learning Organizations.
  • Assessing Knowledge Management Capability of organization.

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