MGT619 Project Organizational Climate on Employees Job satisfaction

MGT619 Final Project Organizational Climate 

Organizational climate has a major influence on human performance through its impact on individual motivation and job satisfaction. Climate does all this by creating expectations about what consequences will follow from different actions. Employees expect certain rewards and satisfaction on the basis of their perception of the organization’s climate. Individuals in the organization have certain expectations, and fulfillment of these depends upon their perception whether organizational climate suits according to their needs or not (Lehal, 2004). So, organizational climate is directly related with the performance of employees working in any organization.

  • Determine the organizational climate at Pepsi Cola.
  • Review and measure the satisfaction level of employees at Pepsi Cola.
  • Determine the relationship between the organization climate & job satisfaction of employees in the company Pepsi Cola.
  • To provide some valuable suggestions to improve weak areas.

This research provides the beneficial results that how a company’s internal & external climate effects on employees level of satisfaction. From this research the higher management has the opportunity to improve their relative areas which directly effect’s the employee’s satisfaction. On the other hand in future this research provides the significant results to other researchers on employee’s satisfaction and organizational behavior. From this they have wide range to explore the further areas of employee’s satisfaction as well as the company weak areas.

This research will also give the path to other company’s management that how that can also improve their relative areas which are directly connected to the employees.The other objective of this research is that a common person also easily approach all the main points and understand those in simple way that how a satisfaction level will be higher by adopting different techniques and which factors are mainly involve in the less efficiency of employees and how a management directly effects on employees satisfaction.

The basic source of collecting data is primary source. This is raw data collecting method by which researchers collets the basic information related to their research & in this the primary data were employees of the company Pepsi Cola.

Second & more comprehensive data method is Secondary data which was collected from print media like news paper, past reports, books & research papers.

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