MGT619 Final Project proposal Problem related to Objectives

MGT619 Final Project proposal Problem related to Objectives

The MGT619 final project objective of a certain research summarizes what to be achieved by the study. It should clearly define the question for which a solution is being sought. A proposal may be rejected due to following potential error in objectives:

  1. The objectives may be too broad or general or vague.
  2. No link may be evident between objectives and topic of study.
  3. Long list of objectives (like 10 to 15) may be developed which can not be
  4. achieved in limited time of a semester.
  5. More than one objective (two or three) may be written in one single statement.
  6. Misunderstanding on student part by stating objectives from different contexts  .

Keep in mind following points while writing objectives of your MGT619 proposal

  1. Must clearly relate to the statement of the problem.
  2. To cover the different aspects of the problem.
  3. To be clearly phrased in operational terms specifying exactly what one is going to do, where and for what purpose.
  4. To be realistic considering local conditions and available resources.
  5. To use specific action verbs i.e. to determine, to identify, to verify, to describe, to calculate.
  6. To avoid vague non-action verbs i.e. to study, to appreciate, to understand.

Objectives should be “SMART”:

  1. Simple
  2. ‰ Measurable
  3. ‰ Attainable
  4. ‰ Realistic
  5. ‰ Timely

To discover how leadership style practicing in both type of organizations has effect on employee’s turnover.  To identify the socioeconomic and cultural factors that may influence employees’ turnover in both type of organizations.


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