MGT619 Final Project Management Topics Spring 2013

MGT619 Final Project Management Topics Spring 2013


This list for MGT619 Final Project topics  is provided for the guidance purpose only. It is NOT compulsory to select a topic from the given list. Students can select a MGT619 topic on their own according to their interest and area of specialization. However, they MAY select any topic from the given list but are NOT allowed to submit the same work as already submitted by any other student. Make sure that the copied work shall be marked as ‘ZERO’.


MGT619 Final Project Topics 2013

  1. Employees’ perception about organizational structure and its impact on employee’s productivity: A comparative study of the organizations.
  2. Leadership Styles and Organizational Effectiveness: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Organizations
  3. Perceived level of commitment of top management regarding the TQM implementation.
  4. A comparative study of leadership styles in public and private sector
  5. A comparative study of organizational effectives in private and public sector
  6. Decision making styles: A comparative study of organizations
  7. Assessing and identifying the dominant organizational culture of organization
  8. Determining whether organization is a learning organization?
  9. Determining Employee’s Readiness/Resistance to Change
  10. Leadership and Motivation: Testing Hygiene Factors of Herzberg Theory as JobMotivators.
  11. Differences in Job Motivation among Female and Male Employees
  12.  Rewards OR Recognition as a Source of Motivation: An Analytical Study to find which source is important for Employees
  13.  Organizational Diagnosis: A Case of XYZ organization.
  14. What is the conflict management style of the organization: A perspective ofemployees
  15.  Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Problem Solving Skills


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 Note: Remember whatever topic you will choose apart from the above mentioned ones, you should keep in mind that your topic must be relevant to your areas of specialization i.e. ‘Management” feel free to ask us in case of any difficulty at



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