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Hope you are getting yourself familiar with the course pre-requisites and course content!

Now it’s a time to decide your research MGT619 Project topic by consulting different sources. You can consult the recommended list of the topics updated in the download section of VULMS or visit below link

MGT619 Final Project Management topics spring 2017

MGT619 Final Project topics and selection

MGT619 Final Project Writing Service

You can take some MGT619 Project topic that interests you from the specialization course. You are free to play on the field of research playground but while selecting topic, do keep some SMART tips in mind that will be helpful for you.

Topic must be

  1.  Specific: You must narrow down the area of interest in something manageable (Broader topics will lead you nowhere and too narrow ones will limit the significance of your study).
  2. Measurable: Think big but not too big! The concept in the study must be empirically measurable and analyzed through the statistical techniques.
  3. Achievable:  Your topic must address those questions that are achievable in the lieu time and resources you are provided with.
  4. Relevant: It must be relevant to the specialization courses and your area of interest. Do not fit the word “MANAGEMENT” with every other concept like crisis management, home management etc. as organizational and institutional management is the most relevant areas that you must adhere to.
  5. Timely: You must cope up with the time frame available to you in the course. We have designed the course in a series and allocated adequate time to the student to complete the series of activities accordingly. Manage your time well so that you can complete the research in timely manner!
Think a lot and discuss your ideas with friends, colleagues and off course your instructor but write down the significant ones!!!

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“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s there are few.” — Shunryu Suzuki

Wish you good luck!

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