MGT619 Assignment 01 Project/dissertation proposal Fall 2013

MGT619-Final Project-Management Assignment 01 for project/dissertation proposal for semester Fall 2013.

Dear Student,

This is to inform you that MGT619 Assignment 01 (project/dissertation proposal and dissertation proposal example) has been given on VULMS. The formats of project/dissertation proposal are available in Lesson 6: FORMATS as well as in DOWNLOAD. You are required to choose the appropriate one according to your selection i.e. Project or Dissertation.

It is advised hereby to explore the following links to get the usable helping material as well as formats:

§  FAQs

§  Lessons

§  Downloads

You must submit your project/dissertation proposal by uploading it against assignment 01 on VULMS before due date (November 22, 2013). Make sure no submission will be entertained through E-mail.

 A list of MGT6 topics (Updated) is available in DOWNLOADS section on VULMS for guidance purpose only. Make sure that any of those topics may be selected but it is not allowed to submit the same work as already submitted by any other student.

§  It is required to submit the proposal (not only the topic) according to the specified format.

§  Late submissions will NOT be entertained.

§  You are strictly advised to consult:

  1. Video lectures course STA630: Research Methods
  2. Research Methods by Uma Sekran
  3. Business Research Methods by Donald R. Cooper & C. William Emory

Copied work will be completely rejected without any consideration and shall be strictly dealt as per clause#1 of ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY given below:


1. Virtual University has Zero Tolerance Policy for plagiarized work. Such cases are dealt very strictly as per HEC rules.

2. Submission of any fake/forge documents is a crime which shall NOT be excused under any circumstances.


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