MGT613-Production Operations Management GDB #1 2012 Solution

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MGT613 GDB #1 2012 Solution of this statment  that “UniPlus is the biggest private manufacturing group of steel goods in Pakistan. The productivity and efficiency of this group has been declining for last two years. The chief executive officer (CEO) and board of directors (BOD) are asking for the suggestions on the following matters”


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  1. Whether the bottleneck operations are one of the reasons in the declining output and lack of productivity of the company?
  2. Whether the bottleneck operations need to be eliminated or not?


The matter was forwarded to the production manager and a panel of experts of the company for their suggestions. You, as a student of production and operations management, have to give your recommendations based on your knowledge of the operations management that whether it will be beneficial for the company to eliminate the bottleneck operations? Justify your answer with logical reasons.


 Solution of MGT613 GDB #1 2012


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